British Made Awards 2023

performance”, producing a premium professional audio loudspeaker that performs as close as possible to specification, even after hundreds of hours of use. Wear-and-tear is inevitable, but by incorporating several small but important improvements Celestion has ‘held back’ the product aging process, so TSQ woofers and subwoofers perform better than their competition for a longer period of time, throughout the lifespan of the product. Key improvements such as the unique Precision Tuned Venting for highly efficient motor cooling, laser cauterised lead out wires, laminated dual or triple suspensions and optimised multi-layer voice coils all contribute to improved operation and greater product longevity. Crucial to the groundbreaking performance of many of Celestion’s high frequency compression drivers are its titanium diaphragms. The taller profile of the patented deep-drawn diaphragm ensures modal breakup (and hence distortion) occurs at a much higher frequency than that of conventional devices, ensuring greater clarity of sound reproduction when used together with the companion Maximum Modal Suppression (MMS) phase plug design. The unique symmetrical curved elements of the patented Axiperiodic diaphragm, used with the UK-built Axi2050 wideband compression driver facilitate a large diameter, low mass diaphragm used to reproduce a much wider frequency band than conventional devices, while maintaining high efficiency. Its novel geometry when coupled with the sympathetically designed phase plug enables the shape of the mechanical modes to be tailored so they do not couple with the acoustic modes, and with no large resonance peaks the result is sound reproduction of exceptional clarity. Celestion has recently invested in a new production line currently being commissioned at its UK factory in Suffolk. Used primarily to manufacture the TSQ range of premium low-frequency loudspeakers it will significantly boosting the company’s turnover of UK-built products and is a significant contributor to the company’s future growth plans. Internal culture values every team member, the company preferring to think of themselves as an extended family. Celestion is a close-knit company with many employees having over a decade experience with the business. Its longest-serving employee will soon retire after 50 years’ service. The company’s streamlined integration of research, development, and manufacturing ensures that Celestion delivers unrivalled product performance, service, and value. After nearly 100 years in the audio industry, Celestion continues to design and manufacture its superior products for a wide variety of applications. For its pioneering work in the audio industry, Celestion has received our award for this year’s Most Innovative Audio Equipment Company. Contact Details Contact: Ken Weller Company: Celestion Web Address: