British Made Awards 2023

SME News | British Made Awards 2023 | 6 Since she was a child, Deborah has always been very aware and perceptive of the energies around her. When she reached her early twenties, she began engaging in regular meditation and attending energy healing classes while she studied maths and physics at university. After graduating, she realised that her true calling was to serve as a healer and holistic therapist. For this reason, Deborah set out to become an Alternative Practitioner. Initially, she worked in a holistic clinic in the German city of Bonn, where she supported and guided people on their unique life path. She then set up her own clinic in 1977, which served as a place where people could engage in healing, meditation, and seminars on spiritual awareness. Deborah believes that every soul has a unique origin in the divine light, from which they embark on their own journey of development that leads them through the starlight world. This is when each soul forms their unique qualities and potential. Some souls originate from specific star systems and incarnate on Earth with the purpose of bringing light from their own worlds. As a result, there are many souls on Earth that originate from Pleiades, Orion, Sirius, and more. When she learned of her calling to create Starlight Essence Therapy, Deborah felt drawn to the powerful energy of Stonehenge, a prehistoric monument on Salisbury Plain. For this reason, she was inspired to move to England to found Starlight Essences and the Starlight Centre. Containing pure starlight, Deborah’s Starlight Essences are connected to the Starlight Lotus of Stonehenge. Deborah’s Starlight Essences provide people with clarity, freeing them from the confines of this seemingly physical reality by reminding them that they are spiritual beings that have embarked on a human experience. This enables them to follow their heart and path while effectively playing their part in the creation of a new world. They are encouraged to go with the flow and enjoy their place in life, making their lives feel easier and more pleasant. Through its user-friendly online website, Starlight Essences provides a huge range of products. It offers multiple ranges of essences and sprays, including Starlight Essence Therapy, Lotus Bliss, Lotus Druids, and Body Bliss. Suitable for both people and animals, these products can be applied on the body or in the aura. They can be used intuitively or as instructed by a Starlight Essence Therapist. They can also be used for landscape healing, in nature, and for Feng Shui. Additionally, customers may use the website to purchase various crystals, which should be cleaned with the Xerana cleanse spray. With so many more new Starlight worlds coming to earth, Deborah was inspired to start a monthly Golden Starlight Bliss Workshop Series. Supported by the corresponding essences and crystals, she takes attendees on a journey to the sacred Starlight Temples. There, they will receive whatever they need in life at that moment and will be empowered by healing, transformation, and strength. The process awakens new resonances for the starlight in their energy system and body, potentially resulting in visions, insights, or messages. Lastly, Deborah’s most unique offering is the opportunity to receive a Starlight Reading from herself. As part of this, she provides the customer with an audio file, between 10 and 20 minutes long, in which she enlightens them to their unique star journey. They will learn about the star families and the higher dimensions of light that are waiting to unfold through themselves. The reading will enable customers to connect with their own light origin and starlight potential to discover their calling in their current incarnation. This will make it easier for them to remember and engage with the starlight worlds. As a result of its excellent products and services, Starlight Essences Ltd has been awarded Best Wellbeing Product Company in the British Made Awards 2023. With a lifelong passion for her work, there is no doubt that Deborah looks towards a bright future. We congratulate her on her success in this awards programme and look forward to seeing what her future holds. Contact: Deborah Reiter Company: Starlight Essences Ltd - Starlight Shopping Web Address: Based in Salisbury, Wiltshire, Starlight Essences Ltd is an online and mail order retail company that produces and sells vibrational essences and sprays designed to support and enhance wellbeing. The company was founded by Owner Deborah Reiter, an experienced spiritual teacher, feng shui consultant, and holistic therapist who moved to England in 2003 to help people connect with their inner light, realise their true potential, and experience healing, support, and guidance for their own path. Best Wellbeing Product Company 2023