British Made Awards 2023

SME News | British Made Awards 2023 | 8 Based in Redditch, Hepworth Group is a leading company that designs and manufactures high-quality windscreen wiping and wash systems for the marine, rail, fabrication, and specialist vehicle markets. Its four key divisions include Hepworth Marine, Hepworth Rail, Monitor Marine, and Hepworth Fabrications. Here, we dive into the company’s history and its commitment to quality. In 1868, Hepworth Group was established when Benjamin Hepworth built a factory in Kidderminster to supply chemicals to the major carpet manufacturers in the area. The company went on to achieve great success over the next century but, due to the increasing environmental pressures of operating a chemical plant in a town centre, the company went on to change directions. Here, it began its journey to become a trusted provider of bespoke wiper systems. Hepworth Group was acquired by Mr E. G. Eddy in the early 1900s, whose family continues to run the business today. Having joined as Company Accountant in 1978, third generation owner Jonathan Eddy took on the role of Chief Executive Officer in 1989. Over the years, he has driven Hepworth to expand into the marine and rail markets from the traditional commercial vehicle and bus markets. In 2004, Jonathan was responsible for concluding the successful purchase of Hepworth’s largest competitor, Wynstruments Ltd. In 2008, he went on to lead the company’s move from its 10,000 square foot premises to a new factory of 42,000 square feet, combining the Wynn and Hepworth wiper manufacturing bases. In 2009, Jonathan also negotiated the purchase of Crossley Fabrications and acquired more factory space to accommodate the additional business in Redditch. As a well-established company that has adapted to changing circumstances over the years, Hepworth recognises the importance of adopting modern business trends. To grow, it has been crucial for the company to leverage technology in order to effectively communicate with its current and potential customers. With social media becoming more and more important with every year that passes, the company has worked to establish a presence on these platforms to enhance its engagement with its customer base. Today, Hepworth has over 70 years of experience in the marine wipers market, and more than 30 years of experience in the rail wipers market. The company creates bespoke wiper systems that suit a variety of requirements, manufactured entirely in-house. Whether the client’s craft is still on the drawing board or at the beginning of refitting, Hepworth’s team of expert design engineers will help them achieve considerable savings, both in installation cost and in greatly improved efficiency. With a long and illustrious history behind it, Hepworth has grown in both size and strength, eventually coming to position itself as the global market leader it is now. However, despite the success it has achieved thus far, the business understands that it must not stagnate, continuously striving for improvement and working to be the best in its field. Ultimately, Hepworth’s continued strategy is being the global partner of choice for the world rail and marine industries, manufacturing and supplying them with unique and integrated product solutions. It also strives to be recognised for its exemplary customer service, offering world class standards of quality, delivery, and lifetime costs. Best Windscreen Wiping & Wash System Manufacturer 2023