Business Elite Awards 2022

Business Elite 2022 | 11 Q1 2022 | 69 The UK’s Most Outstanding Educational Expert Network Therefore, its team is dynamic, diverse, and communicative, benefitting from an industryleading level of interpersonal dialogue that runs from the bottom to the top of the firm, especially when the firm is considering making changes that will directly impact the staff in some way. Its forward-thinking team get along well with each other, and it is their collaboration that makes it such a united front when it comes to both its work and the future of the company in the macro scale; after all, in a world that is becoming increasingly remote, engagement and motivation is proving more of an indispensable business element than ever before. Employee welfare, wellbeing, and work/life balance is also reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that no one person is taking on too much. As aforementioned, due to the pandemic, these factors amongst many others have become more critical than ever. The last 18 months have been fraught with challenge, and its staff have each been putting in the utmost amount of effort to keep Principal Resourcing meeting the changing demands and requirements of an educational sector undergoing critical paradigm shifts. Thinking outside the box, investing heavily in advertisement and brand awareness, attracting more quality candidates, and supporting its staff and clients both with paediatric first aid courses and internet safety training, Principal Resourcing will continue to focus heavily on its team and their welfare in the coming year. As mental health is a big item on its agenda, this will be a major focus for the Director and the board, ensuring its staff are ready to take the challenges of the emerging new era by storm. Company: Principal Resourcing Education Specialists Contact: Tracy Allen Website: