Business Elite Awards 2022

18 | Business Elite 2022 43 | Q1 2021 Jaluch Feb22040 Changing An Industry and The World Jaluch HR is simply deserving of the title of Best in HR Consultancy and Training Services, 2022 - South East UK. Indeed, it has repeatedly set itself apart from its industry counterparts, supplying an attentive service to customers whilst maintaining a reputation for excellence and, on top of this, a devotion to charity. The next year is set to be a busy one for Jaluch HR as it hopes to set numerous plans into motion. Established in 2002, Jaluch HR has been providing companies with no-nonsense, empathetic HR advice and engaging training and leadership development for two decades. With an underlying foundation of care, courage, and commitment, the company has built its way up to a leading role within the HR consultancy world. Indeed, Jaluch HR’s mission is simple – to grow and inspire workforces, transform leadership teams, and instil positive and inclusive workplace cultures. Boasting a portfolio filled with impressive names like Royal London, Cadogan Estate, and Freightliner (G&W), the company has cut its teeth working with prestigious companies across the nation. Be it in the public or private sectors, Jaluch HR provides the same enthusiastic service, resulting in 100% of its clients rating the quality of its service as excellent and 98% stating that they would recommend Jaluch HR to others. Of course, this is due to the company’s client-centric approach. It seeks to engage with and listen to its clients, deviating from the industry standard by providing an empathetic, supportive, and sensible approach. Much of this stems from the company’s devotion to its purpose. In 2015, as a business, it learnt to focus on its ‘why’ – its purpose and reason for being. This purpose has infused the company’s attitude, guiding it towards a clear understanding of why it does the work that it does. Furthermore, this has influenced Jaluch HR’s devotion to charitable causes, an example being the Global Fountain, which was founded to support people around the world in running businesses by creating educational materials and business support. This mindset has also permeated through the team, enhancing their positive headspaces, pushing them to create the highest quality of work. In turn, Jaluch’s Managing Director, Helen Jamieson, endeavours to support staff in a manner that makes them feel valued, motivated, and engaged, “Helen is very committed to the vision that she has for management, culture and leadership”. Additionally, the company prioritises encouraging its staff to create useful and innovative services that will also bolster profits. As a result, this then channels back into the company’s charity work – including the opportunity to provide free places on its popular Train the Virtual Trainer course. Over the past couple of years, the Covid-19 pandemic has been wreaking havoc around the world. Jaluch HR decided to counteract the impact of the crisis, using its platform as a force for positivity. For one, it helped young people within its local community get jobs; rewriting CVs, drafting covering letters, and giving them interview tips. Subsequently, they have all been employed. On top of this, since April 2020, the company has hosted 13 free webinars which have reached over 1000 people. Such webinars covered essential topics surrounding COVID-19 considerations, employment law updates, and other business-based topics. In 2022, Jaluch HR is planning on transforming its structure with the hopes to further increase business growth. In order to facilitate this, the company has recruited a highly-talented business transition manager who will be focused on identifying what the company needs to do differently and, therefore, offering support in these areas. The primary goal is to blossom through innovation, digital solutions, and continually pivoting its methods to align with market and customer trends. Linking in to its charity work, Jaluch HR plans to increase its work with Race4Good, uplifting communities in war zones and areas of natural disasters. However, the company’s overarching goal – the one that will influence the company’s decisions throughout 2022 – is to continue providing an unbeatable service to its clients. Contact: Elizabeth McDonald Company: Jaluch HR Web Address: