Business Elite Awards 2022

20 | Business Elite 2022 20 | Q1 2022 Feb22068 The Marketing Agency Taking Over The Globe Working with clients across the globe, Bobble Digital LTD has come a long way from its humble beginning in Leeds. Whilst it is still focused upon serving companies across the U.K., the company has delved into U.S. markets, adopting clients such as The School of The New York Times, Sotheby’s Institute of Art, and Lifecycle Transitions. Henceforth, due to its hard work and innovative nature, the company maintains the title of Best Digital Marketing Agency, 2022 – Leeds for the second year running. Nestled in the heart of Leeds stands one of the United Kingdom’s most competitive marketing agencies, Bobble Digital LTD. With numerous awards under its belt, the company has delivered marketing campaigns for some of the world’s biggest brands, including Interface, Pan Intelligence and Sonno Beds. Moreover, Bobble Digital maintains partnerships with industry leaders – Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Google Analytics, for example – in order to provide an exceptional service to its clients with the best marketing solutions available. Specialising in marketing strategy, SEO, PPC, Paid Social, Video & Display, and Analytics services, Bobble Digital’s key aim is to deliver effective results that bolster their clients’ digital marketing campaigns. In turn, the company engages with its core values, utilising them to ensure that it cultivates quality. The company’s main priority is strategic digital growth as it likes to take its clients on a digital journey that supports the business growth objectives. Additionally, Bobble Digital firmly believes in being agile – simply, if it works for the clients, it works for the company. In essence, it is not an agency that says ‘yes’ to everything, instead, it will push back to guarantee that its strategy is delivered in full and to the best of its ability. Of course, this then forges an excellent relationship with the client as it displays the company’s devotion to the cause. Furthermore, the values assist with Bobble Digital’s quest to educate its clients on what it is doing and why it’s important, while showcasing the results it consistently delivers. Remaining largely unchanged since its founding, such values have simply rolled out across a greater scale to align with the company’s growth over the years. Bobble Digital has worked with a diverse clientele since its founding, resulting in an extensive and varied portfolio. Boasting names such as Partner Plus Media, Interface, Pan Intelligence, Pomanda, and Langley’s Solicitors, the company’s portfolio showcases an innate ability to adapt towards the client’s needs and requirements. In addition, primarily working with clients across three categories: digital tech, e-commerce, and B2B, Bobble Digital has transgressed borders, working with clients not just in the UK but across Europe and the Americas. This truly embodies the company’s impact, as its name and, subsequently, services have entered the realm of the international market. One of the company’s most recent projects, and a perfect example of its work, begins in April 2021. Collaborating with Aesthetics Doctor, the company’s website came to life in that very month, meeting with a lukewarm reception. Yet through Bobble Digital’s services, the website has grown exponentially, with the websites visibility and domain authority increasing to above that of its competitors. As of now, Aesthetics Doctor’s website is the first result that appears when the term ‘Aesthetics Doctor’ is searched through Google. Without its dedicated team, Bobble Digital would not be able to be award winning or be working across an international scale. Indeed, it credits its staff with being the engine of the agency, and, in turn, it ensures that it looks after them by not just offering good wages but ensuring they have a great work/life balance. The internal culture reflects this attitude, operating in a way that is like a family network. It is with this in mind that the team takes care of each other, striving to offer each other support and guidance, and ultimately, they work to create relationships that encourage and streamline teamwork. Henceforth, throughout the recruitment process, Bobble Digital searches for team members that will integrate seamlessly into the company’s culture. Skills can be gained and enhanced over time, which is why Bobble Digital focuses upon characteristics when recruiting new talent. It takes a particular interest in who the person is, the values they have, and if they match the values of our company. In addition, it looks at what drives them, motivates them, and also who are they outside of work. Trust, transparency, and enthusiasm are all traits that are valued within Bobble Digital and therefore it is imperative that any prospective employees embody such values. Complimented by the company’s unique selling point – the P.I.E.R (Plan, Implement, Evaluate, Repeat) model – the team have proven to be a great asset for the company as it navigates a fast moving and ever-evolving industry. Further, they have solidified the company’s success throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Covid has had a positive and negative impact on the industry, with businesses that relied solely on their word of mouth or physical selling quickly realising they needed an online presence and needed a digital marketing strategy in place. Consequently, Bobble Digital saw an influx of business. Bobble Digital, primarily off the back of this demand, has expanded its team to over ten members in the past 18 months, and has delivered a record revenue year with a 300% yearly revenue increase for 2021, and is already on course to beat this in 2022. Adding upon this, the company’s exposure via its own platforms has expanded, meaning that the brand