Business Elite Awards 2022

22 | Business Elite 2022 18 | Q1 2022 Feb22117 Building Community with Loyalty and Rewards Prosper² Business Club and Rewards Program is very excited and honoured to be awarded the Best SME Membership Rewards and Incentive Schemes Company 2022 – United Kingdom title by SME News. The company finds it incredibly rewarding to have its exceptional rewards program recognised and celebrated by the wider business community. Join us as we learn more about it. The Prosper² Rewards Program has always kept innovation at the heart of its development, and it continues to work towards delivering a service that allows its customers to enjoy an experience as unique as they are. Prosper² Rewards is an open-loop, rewards program that allows businesses to reward their most valuable customers with reward points that can be redeemed to a multi-currency Prosper² Rewards Mastercard, which gives them the freedom to spend the points wherever they want, on whatever they want. The majority of loyalty programs are closedloop, so when a company rewards their loyal customers with rewards points, those points can only be used with the same company. Prosper² Rewards was created without the same restrictions. Prosper²’s pre-paid Mastercard rewards card gives customers the freedom and flexibility to redeem and spend their rewards points with any company, retailer, or venue that accepts Mastercard for payment. Prosper² understand that no two customers are the same, so offering this customisability to its members and their businesses grants them a far more personal experience. Prosper² believes that customer retention and loyalty should be a key objective for businesses looking to optimise their customer service, marketing, and sales strategies. Prosper² Rewards gives businesses the opportunity to deliver great customer value and engagement. It provides a full range of white labelling options and services, where clients with a larger customer-base can brand their own loyalty and rewards program without the costs, time, and challenges associated with establishing a flexible, open-loop rewards program. Prosper²’s white labelling service gives members a costeffective and modern solution to improve their customer relationships, adaptable to different industries and markets. Several multinational clients have incorporated Prosper² Rewards into their marketing and customer retention strategy with brilliant results, both in ROI and customer engagement. Prosper² Rewards can be accessed through the Prosper² Business Club, an exclusive business members club for SMEs, their directors, and owners. With a membership to the business club, business owners can enjoy a range of benefits and services to help their companies grow and thrive, all included under a monthly subscription fee. Prosper² aims to be an inclusive and diverse business club, so it has a range of membership levels to suit a business’ needs, starting at only £100 a month. Prosper² is a community-driven business that supports UK SMEs and facilitates networking and collaboration opportunities between likeminded, hardworking business owners, creating incredible potential for further innovation and B2B marketing channels.