Business Elite Awards 2022

23 | Business Elite 2022 Q1 2022 | 19 Building Community with Loyalty and Rewards Prosper² wants its members to know and understand that its business club is shaped by them; it greatly encourages its members to take an active role in building a community they are excited to be part of, so it has many options for its existing members to refer friends and other business owners they believe would be valuable additions to the network. Prosper²’s staff are dedicated and hardworking, determined to help new, enquiring businesses find the right membership package for them and support existing members with the benefits and services that fit their needs and goals. Prosper² has operated on a flexible working model since it was established, so COVID-19 was a challenge it was ready for. Being unable to host the in-person events it wanted to and with travel to meet with its members being extremely limited, the company established a webinar series to offer members advice, knowledge, and development opportunities on a range of subjects, from SEO to motivating their workforce. It wanted its members to still feel connected to its strong business community, so webinars provided an excellent source of information and a point-of-contact with staff and other members. The team is very excited to get back to in-person events in 2022. Prosper² Business Club and Rewards Program is always looking towards the future, to develop its community, benefits, services, and rewards program for an ever-changing economy and new business horizons. Most recently, it launched its Prosper² Prepaid Card App for members and cardholders to have instant, on-the-go access to their Prosper² Rewards Account. Members can now view their rewards points balance, redeem points to their prepaid Mastercard, and monitor their transaction, giving business club members even greater flexibility and security with their Prosper² Rewards Card. Prosper² understand that business is more global than ever, so its new app also allows members to exchange their redeemed points into different currencies to use their card around the world. Prosper² Business Club’s core message is ‘Listen, Engage, Enable’. It is dedicated to listening to its club members and their valuable feedback so it can constantly improve its services. Prosper² is not only here to build a business community but to help entrepreneurs connect and build mutually beneficial relationships. It wants to support UK SMEs in every aspect of business, enabling them to seek new and exciting opportunities, build plans for future growth, and accomplish their goals. Prosper² values authenticity, creativity, and community, offering practical solutions and services that small-to-medium sized businesses need. Prosper² understand that entrepreneurs want effective, useful benefits and services to create the lifestyle they want, to expand their business, and continue to innovate. Company: Prosper² Email: Website: