Business Elite Awards 2022

26 | Business Elite 2022 35 | Q1 2021 Jan22279 From the Ground Up We find out more about Jark Norfolk, owned and operated by Kelly Cartwright, in the wake of it being recognised as Best Construction Recruitment Agency 2022 – United Kingdom in the SME News Awards 2022. Jark Norfolk Ltd is a construction recruiter born out of a dedication to making a difference. The firm facilitates a seamless, simple yet effective, specialist recruitment service through absolute understanding and working in partnership with its clients. “We started with a simple idea, to offer a construction specialist recruitment service, and to do it in the very best way,” explains Company Owner and Director, Kelly Cartwright. “The team have a combined 15 years’ worth of experience within the industry, irrefutable marketplace knowledge and have worked exceptionally hard to maintain a strong reputation.” Jark Norfolk prides itself on not being a big corporate business, where clients are just a name to that business and the consultant is just a voice at the end of the phone. Instead, the firm has a personal approach and takes time to fully understand its industry in order to provide a unique, tailored service to meet the needs of each individual client. “Being within the world of construction (which is still a predominately a “‘mans’ world”) you have to have a no nonsense approach, with a heap of confidence,” elaborates Kelly. “If you are good at what you do, I have proven you can build a great business. A site may need a bricklayer, but not every bricklayer on my books will have the right personality that will allow them to fit in. In construction, that team dynamic is vital. We understand that and that’s why we don’t just provide the skills, but also the characters that will hit the ground running for a client, without causing precisely the kind of disruption on site that we don’t want to see!” Hand in hand with growth is the value that a firm can offer to its client or customer and Kelly has developed and built a brand that both her candidates and clients trust, she is well aware of what they like and respect – and she understands that Jark Norfolk can deliver and offer an exceptional service, powered by the desire to get things right. “By listening and developing a mutual collaboration, we can support your business and provide you with a valuable and effective recruitment solution,” she says. “We strive to attain excellence in all areas of our service and support provided. We have the freedom to remain flexible – respecting diversity and individual points of difference.” The recent Covid-19 pandemic was totally unexpected and was detrimental to companies across the entire globe. Even though the working world resumed, there were still so many variables and there still is today. For Kelly and the team at Jark Norfolk, Covid was an added complexity for businesses to run smoothly when Track and Trace could ping, symptoms could arise at any time, yet deadlines still had to be met and every day was precious. However, Kelly was one step ahead of the game at all times to ensure that the firm kept on running as smoothly as possible. She tells us, “We launched our 24-7 service to all our customers, which gave our clients and candidates that extra level of support if they had that last minute requirements. We geared up our out of office facilities, with additional laptops, mobiles and home working facilities alongside flexible hours (if someone was working out of hours).” This ability to adapt proved invaluable to Jark Norfolk’s customers, knowing they had the firm’s full support and that there is still a call for these recruitment services. Recently, Jark Norfolk was recognised by SME News as Best Construction Recruitment Agency 2022 in the United Kingdom and – for Kelly and the team – the award is testament to the dedication and hard work they continued to provide to customers and clients, despite the odds. Now, the future is looking even more promising as Jark Norfolk continues on its mission for further growth. Contact Details Contact: Kelly Cartwright Company: Jark Norfolk Ltd Telephone: 01603 618849 or 24/7 07826945718