Business Elite Awards 2022

27 | Business Elite 2022 25 | Q1 2021 Jan22283 A Portal to the Future Having delivered the most demanding 360 VR Live streaming projects for global brands since 2008, it’s safe to say that Mativision rules the ‘Metaverse’! We take a deeper look into the world of immersive technology and virtual reality as we speak to CEO Anthony Karydis in the wake of the firm being named in the SME News’ Awards as Best VR and Immersive Content Technology Specialist 2022 – London. Immersive content technology specialist, Mativision, was established in the early 2000s when VR technology was in its infancy. Now, almost 20 years later, having live-streamed major events to global audiences of millions, the company is a valued partner to the UK Government and EU on several R&D innovation projects using VLIPP, its proprietary content platform, to demonstrate emerging 5G network capabilities. Since its initial inception, Mativision has been involved in several different activities, with its main strength being in the design and implementation of custom-made immersive experiences for global customers, including Novartis, Unilever, Samsung, and Vodafone. “We have been developing immersive applications for what is now called ‘the Metaverse’, for more than a decade, long before it got the now trendy name,” explains Founder and CEO, Anthony Karydis – For those not in the know, the Metaverse is the term given to the 3D virtual and augmented reality world. Since 2016, we have developed our own proprietary Content Streaming Platform, branded VLIPP®, with our own proprietary immersive content players, with features which for many years were unique – such as a multi-camera selection in real time by the viewer.” Mativision live streams its 360-degree video content using an end-to-end process which it has developed and continues to improve upon, and the firm prides itself on the fact that its 360-video content is of the highest quality worldwide. Serving predominantly global companies Mativision’s clients cover a wide range of sectors. They approach the firm for a variety of different reasons, as Anthony elaborates. “They come to us because they wish to produce advanced immersive applications and also to reach global audiences. Mativision’s unique experience and capabilities to produce customised immersive applications are the guarantee that our customers will receive the best possible product.” Just a few of Mativision’s pre-eminent clients include the likes of MTV’s European Music Awards and Vodafone’s VOXI network launch with Liam Payne and Dua Lipa, which registered one million views in just 30 minutes of streaming time. “Usually, our clients will come to us through wordof-mouth. They would have seen or heard one of our projects, would have been impressed and if at any time they decide to do something of the sort, would naturally come to Mativision. Also, pretty often, clients will come to us because we are the only ones that can execute demanding projects.” Examples of such demanding projects include when Facebook wanted to produce and live stream an immersive experience (in 360-video) for 18-hours from three different locations in Norway for the country’s constitution day celebrations. Mativision was the only one worldwide who could do this and its VLIPP® streaming platform delivered the streams with no problem. Likewise, when Google wanted to produce a full-24-hour tour from a van driving the Route One around Iceland as an immersive experience for the band Sigur Ros, Mativision was the only company worldwide who could execute the project. “Of course, others can do similar things today, but Mativision has always been almost ten years ahead of the rest,” enthuses Anthony. “Same now with Metaverse. While others hope they will be able to produce Metaverse Applications, Mativision has been producing Metaverse Applications since 2012, before the virtual environment even had a name!” As well as its impressive offering, Mativision’s staff play a huge role in the company’s ongoing success and are amongst the most experienced in immersive media, VR, AR and MR in the world. “Mativision is almost like a family, we have been all working together for a very long time and you will find that we have created close bonds with each other. The culture of the company is more like a competition team than a corporate team. We help each other and everything is a result of teamwork. We all win or we all lose, so we all put everything we have on every single project and this is what propels us to success every time,” Anthony says. Mativision was recognised recently in the SME News’ Awards and named Best VR and Immersive Content Technology Specialist 2022 – London, a very befitting title when you consider that all applications and technology are designed and developed in-house. But as the competition heats up in the Metaverse, what does the future hold for the company? Anthony shares, “After a decade of developing and field-proving our immersive content and experiences in ground-breaking commercial projects for global clients, as well as developing front-line platform technology, as partners in Government and EU funded front-line R&D projects, Mativision has now realised that in order to actually have the recognition and growth we deserve, we need a partner that is much bigger than us, with a much higher potential to reach significantly larger markets, and accelerate growth far beyond the current ownership of Mativision can. In this respect, Mativision seeks a partnership that will make possible the next phase of the company’s development.” We look forward to hearing more as the company continues to achieve. Contact Details Contact: Anthony Karydis Company: Mativision Limited Web Address: