Business Elite Awards 2022

34 | Business Elite 2022 52 | Q2 2022 May22182 Outstanding Service for Investors Based in Liverpool, Legacie Developments (Legacie) is one of the UK’s largest privately owned real estate investment and development companies, which operates across residential, commercial, and hospitality sectors. Having earned the title of Best Real Estate Construction, Development and Investment Company, 2022 – UK, we take a closer look at how this is the case. With extensive experience in all aspects of complex, large scale property development and construction, Legacie Developments delivers outstanding projects that grant investors tremendous return on investment. To do this, it deals with them on an interpersonal, trust-based level, offering full transparency and developing a long-term relationship of reliability and mutual benefit. It is these bonds of trust between its staff and customers that make the company stand out from the rest. Since its founding, Legacie has sold over 2,850 units, with over £475m work of developments completed, 28 developments launched and having gained international investors from over 50 countries. Its impressive return on investment and up to 10% yield also set it up as a leader in the industry, making its developments the perfect addition to any property portfolio. Additionally, investors constantly leave the company outstanding reviews and exceptionally favourable feedback in recognition of hard work of its staff and the effectiveness of its solutions, many of them praising its units for being absolutely stunning once completed. When selling it on for profit, they often find themselves in high demand due to the pedigree that Legacie’s good name brings to any construction, a true testament to the company built by CEO, John Morley over the years. Legacie paid out £1.3m in its first year to investors of its Reliance House development, and enjoys long-established partnerships with front-running experts, defining itself as a leading voice amongst professionals in incredibly high-flying circles in a way that has earned it significant acclaim. Alongside this, its attitude of approaching challenges with excitement and diligence sets it apart from the crowd, giving it a unique edge when it comes to project delivery. This is carried across to its relationships with partners such as Advantage HCI and Glenville Walker, making itself a household name amongst its peers as well as its clients; for both of these groups of stakeholders, it also promises to keep in touch with them throughout the build, producing professional video montages and updates to show them how the project is coming along. With an attitude of ambition and excellence prevailing throughout its operations, Legacie has built itself a path to further success that shows no signs of stopping, and it looks forward to seeing where 2022 takes it next. Company: Legacie Developments Contact: John Morley, CEO Email: Website: