Business Elite Awards 2022

36 | Business Elite 2022 23 | Q2 2022 May22453 Creative Content Atomization Morphing your precious content into bite-sized pieces can be daunting, difficult, or down-right risky. Being in danger of losing potency, taking a piece of content and breaking it down can seem like a gigantic task. But with Trapeze Media, you can communicate with your audience via a plethora of platforms with ease and confidence. Here we explore the work of Trapeze Media as it wins Best Social Media Specialist and Digital Marketing Agency, 2022 - United Kingdom. Established in 2016, Trapeze Media has quickly become one to watch in the industry. Striving to intensify creativity in business advertisement, it reaches new heights as it helps a distinct range of companies to evolve and prosper. As one of its core focuses, the hospitality sector is artistically and expertly led by Trapeze Media through the trials and tribulations that could be make or break moments for them. Introducing Captain Content, Trapeze Media brings a breath of fresh air to the digital marketing arena. Captain Content is a creative character aiming to simplify your experience of social media content, blog posts, video production and distribution, alongside your traditional website design. Captain Content transmogrifies content into your desired format – from a longform piece of content to YouTube videos, podcasts, Facebook ads, blog posts, infographics, email newsletters, and much more. Captain Content encapsulates everything Trapeze Media stands for. It’s content conversion made easy. Blasting the competition and zapping your longform content into smaller, more manageable chunks – Captain Content leaves us in awe as they amplify each message and generate traction for businesses. Trapeze Media introduces new and effective ways of communicating with customers and clients. Not only does it continuously look for ways to enhance your content, but it searches for the best format for you. With a wealth of knowledge in the digital marketing sphere, its Director, Kitty Newman, leads a team of seasoned experts who work their magic on a daily basis. It is this sort of enchantment that truly stuns Trapeze Media’s clientele. 100% customerfocused, Trapeze Media acts as a buffer between its own clients and their customers/ following. Working closely and compassionately with small startups and large blue chip businesses looking to branch out, highlight their strengths, and fortify their weak spots, Trapeze Media propels businesses in the right direction. For example, Trapeze Media has done a huge amount for London-based restaurant brand Dirty Bones. The hospitality industry has gone through an incredibly tough time due to the pandemic and, with the help of Trapeze Media, businesses have come out the other side unscathed – and better than ever! Dirty Bones’ sales skyrocketed by 332%, with its engagement rate rising by 16.6%, 16% increase in followers, and a 40% impression growth – a monumental achievement for Dirty Bones, and for Trapeze Media. Not only did it expand in these ways, but its average order value went up by 19%, online store sessions went up by 145%, and 2021 revealed new records being set for likes, saves, and comments on posts. With Trapeze Media’s offerings of strategy meetings, organic and paid reports, and social content programs, Dirty Bones flourished immensely. By being so adaptable, Trapeze Media can tackle any concern – as well as help businesses to celebrate their diversity, uniqueness, and, of course, creativity. Another bold example of successful development is with the brand Maximiles. Maximiles is a market research company looking to develop databases through surveys that reward individuals taking part. This information is then used to improve business services and products across the board. Trapeze Media promised accomplishment and progress for Maximiles – and it delivered. With a 66% climb in DOI (double opt-in) leads, reduction in optimised CRP (cost per result) by 46%, and severely increased mobile app downloads, and customer loyalty, as the cherry on top of the cake. Trapeze Media also offers free guidance to not-for-profit and charitable organisations so that they can thoroughly shine – it is this sort of empathy and kindness that sparks positivity, happiness, and success for businesses that may not have everything they need to thrive. Helping businesses to reach their dreams, there is no job too big or too small for Kitty and her team. With regards to the future, Trapeze Media is always on the search for more opportunities to spread the word. SME News is proud to present Trapeze Media with the amazing accolade of Best Social Media Specialist and Digital Marketing Agency, 2022 – United Kingdom and we look forward to seeing what it does next. Contact: Kitty Newman Company: Trapeze Media Web Address: