Business Elite Awards 2022

37 | Business Elite 2022 19 | Q1 2021 Mar22184 Building Trust In the Construction Industry JAS Building Services – the ‘Most Outstanding Specialist Family-Run Domestic Building Company’ in 2022 for Bristol – has made itself a linchpin of modern construction. With home renovations, new-builds, and extensions offered by its exemplary team, it works with the promise that its project management and professionalism will create the perfect space for a client, one delivered on time and within budget. This dedication to reliability is what has allowed it to cultivate a loyal client base for whom it is their go-to construction solution, growing by way of exemplary reviews and third-party accreditations that show its commitment to oversight, transparency, and trust building. A family-run, award-winning building services company, JAS Building Services specialises in the construction of new builds, extensions, and home renovation projects. Nominally, it is an ambitious and driven company with the goal of providing the best in home renovation and building services for Bristol and the surrounding area, bringing its client’s dreams to life with tenacity and sophistication. To do this, it consistently displays a client-first mentality and an integral attention to detail whilst never losing sight of the bigger picture, transforming people’s homes for the better by way of its impeccable customer service and high-quality construction. Fundamentally, the vision that has allowed it to achieve a reputation for operating in this way has remained constant since its founding. This principle – that of transforming the construction industry with project management that works every time – has allowed it to build a foundation of dependability, made possible by the trust it has gained from its clients over time. As a highly reliable building service that addresses every detail as part of rigorous due process, its expert staff tirelessly attend to the client’s requirements and needs, its project management and followthrough making it one of the region’s most sought-after professionals. Thus, it has been leading the charge to buck the trend set by rogue traders, repairing the trust that clients can have in its industry. Raising the bar of quality, oversight, and operational prowess, its passionate, honest, and dedicated experts have become front-runners in holding themselves accountable, taking client feedback and acting upon it incredibly seriously. Upskilling, creating, and improving constantly, its excellence is in always putting the customer first, going above and beyond to work to their budget, schedule, and requirements in order to create their perfect vision as though breathing life into their very imaginations. Furthermore, On Site Bristol at City Hall has accredited it with a ‘supporting apprenticeships’ award for its commitment to young professionals, allowing them to learn from its full breakdown of cost documents, transparent cost change trackers, directly employed multi-trade team of 22 skilled tradesfolk, and proactive dedication to excellence. Its use of 3D visualisations attracts new staff who are seeking a positive new working environment with forward-thinking momentum in terms of its innovations and attitude both. Therefore, with all this in mind, it is excited to see what the future will hold for it and its clients, ready to integrate the industry’s upcoming developments into itself in order to expand its client base through continual investment and hard work. Company: JAS Building Services Contact: Andrew Sperring Website: