Business Elite Awards 2022

40 | Business Elite 2022 16 | Q1 2021 Mar22322 Creating Communities, Managing Homes As the ‘Most Trusted Specialist Residential Block Management Company’ in 2022 for the United Kingdom, Fraser Allen Estate Management has gained notoriety for its charismatic, dedicated, and hardworking team. In essence, this block management firm puts people first at every turn, striving to keep up close communications with clients and their residents alike in order to cultivate a true community in the homes under its care. Under the direction of CEO Jodie Fraser, Fraser Allen Estate Management has become one of the pre-eminent residential block management companies in the UK. Nominally, it has become well known for maintaining a safe, secure, and attractive living space for its clients and their residents, operating with kindness, care, and diligence at every turn to ensure this. It will never settle for second best when it comes to its properties, something that has taken it from the management of 10 blocks to 38 blocks in the past year alone; additionally, its properties are found all over the country, with properties in Bath, Bristol, Cheltenham, the county of Wiltshire, and the London Metropolitan area, as well as dotted across the Midlands. With all of these under its belt and more management blocks on the docket to be added to this portfolio soon, it has gained the respect of its peers and the trust of its market both. Critically, its industry notoriety has been built upon a foundation of caring, compassion, and a person-first approach, preferring to see the properties it manages as homes first and buildings second in order to keep the resident’s comfort at the fore. Furthermore, it has a staunch dedication to the protection of the most vulnerable amongst its residents, striving to create environments in which they feel safeguarded. Able to work effectively both remotely and with in-person interactions, its empathic, charismatic, and understanding staff strive to meet its clients and their tenants on an individual, human level, championing regular on-site interaction with its clients. This helps Fraser Allen Estate Management to foster a sense of community and ensures that its clients know they can call on it and its team at any time, the CEO herself leading client outreach during lockdown in line with social distancing parameters and giving back to charitable initiatives in the community. With a great deal of reviews and referrals that speak to the excellence of her team, Jodie Fraser wishes to extend her thanks to every one of them for their hard work, especially in the face of the pandemic. Having worked closely with a team of contractors, and with growth into the West Midlands increasing, Fraser Allen Estate Management extends its gratitude towards Alice Baker and Carol Gaston of its core team, as well as Fiona Scott of Scott Media – a contracted freelancer – each of whom have allowed the company to reach the heights of success it enjoys today. Company: Fraser Allen Estate Management Contact: Jodie Fraser Website: