Business Elite Awards 2022

46 | Business Elite 2022 13 | Q1 2021 Mar22661 The Company Bringing New Talent To The Travel Industry As the ‘Best Travel Franchise’ in 2022, The Travel Franchise has continued to break sales records for both new franchisee recruitment and holiday sales. The business has also consistently outperformed rivals, becoming the UK’s leader at taking people without travel experience and making them successful business owners. The Travel Franchise is the UK’s number one home-working agency for people new to travel, having helped over 900 people start a successful travel business. Not simply content to provide everything required to run a travel agency, the company also specialises in helping people get the ongoing support they need to become both a successful travel agent and entrepreneur. New franchisees get an instant travel agency that can be trading in as little as one week. And, with ongoing training and mentorship programmes included, they’re guided each step of the way as they create their own multi-million pound businesses. All without worrying about creating the infrastructure required for growth. They can also opt to start part-time, allowing them to scale-up at their own pace. This approach to business and personal development, combined with a ‘fanatical about service’ ethos that runs throughout the company, has seen them rapidly become one of the UK’s highest rated independent travel agencies. Refusing to stand still during the pandemic, they instead invested over a million pounds into their operations, technology, staff and customerfacing “Not Just Travel” brand, to support both franchisees and passengers. Bespoke business software enabled seamless customer support when refunds were at their highest. New sustainability programmes helped create significant, long term change with every passenger booking. And brand new marketing initiatives were made available to all franchisees, including “The Travel Podcast”, which kept them front-of-mind with potential new customers. Launched in the early days of lockdown, it rapidly reached number 1 in the iTunes charts, inspiring people to plan ahead for future holidays. The business also places a large emphasis on corporate and social responsibility. Franchisees and team members were supported with financial aid and emotional wellbeing programmes during the pandemic. They are also currently paying staff £350 a month to host Ukrainian families escaping the war, all while continuing to invest in expansion. Recently, The Travel Franchise broke new ground in the travel sector, by offering a unique low-cost, low-risk package for people who want to start a business around other work or life commitments. With start-up costs of just £2,995 + monthly subscription, they can still benefit from award-winning support and training without needing to commit full-time immediately. This forward-thinking approach has clearly paid off, with over 135 new franchisees joining during the pandemic alone. And, with sales up 300% and passenger booking records being broken almost daily, many have already chosen to upgrade their package to make it their fulltime occupation. With plans in place to quadruple sales in the next 12 months, as part of further major technology and joint venture initiatives, this business is clearly one to watch. Company: The Travel Franchise Contact: Jenny Farenden Website: Email: