Business Elite Awards 2022

47 | Business Elite 2022 12 | Q2 2022 Mar22684 The New Wave of Architecture The architectural revolution is upon us, and at the forefront stands Design Spec Ltd. The fixed fee architecture service is leading a new wave of businesses that hope to change the architecture world for the better, henceforth, it has been named the Best Architectural Design Group, 2022 - United Kingdom. Since 2014, Design Spec Ltd has been dominating the architecture industry. The company is unique as it acts as a fixed-fee architecture company that serves the entirety of England, noting that it believes ‘that a great service can be provided on a fixed fee basis, nationally!’ This aspect of the business has been at the forefront of the company’s mission since its founding eight years ago and has proven to be greatly successful. Moreover, it remains one of the three fundamental pillars that support the business – the other two being one-to-one management and an unlimited design stage. In essence, whether a client needs assistance with paperwork or is planning on revamping their property, Design Spec is equipped to fulfil these services. Home extensions, loft conversions, and internal alterations are all in a day’s work. Design Spec has garnered an abundance of experience in these areas, resulting in a truly impressive portfolio. From commercial properties to blocks of flats, and home renovations to visual aesthetics, the company works with a diverse group of clients. Henceforth, Design Spec has become accustomed to working with a range of requirements, desires, and outcomes. Yet each design has one thing in common – quality. Design Spec prides itself in the quality of each of its projects, creating luxury for its clients. Of course, every project, no matter the size, is completed at a fixed rate. In addition, homeowners receive the promised unlimited design stage, as the company understands that settling on something permanent is a difficult decision. It notes that some of its clients have struggled to choose even after four designs – hence why this stage is necessary, as it provides an added layer of comfort when pushing the project forward. Further success has been generated by its highly-professional team. Design Spec is home to a young, diverse, and devoted team that are incredibly passionate about architecture and design. From the daily management of clients to delivering projects, there is a general buzz of enthusiasm that radiates from the staff, largely due to the positive workspace Design Spec has created. It hires people that it knows will be great. As such, it opts to recruit those with people skills, commenting that ‘most Architectural Project Managers come with an over dominance of experience in the field and an underwhelming ability to simply listen to a client’s needs.’ Therefore, it has built a team that is not only effective in its collaboration, but one that prioritises client-centricity. However, this success has been paired with a fair number of challenges. The Covid-19 pandemic had a significant impact on many industries, causing deep wounds that will be felt for years to come. Design Spec found itself having to adapt greatly in order to fit the new normal – however, it recognises that the pandemic did offer some benefits. For example, its most notable improvement comes in the form of a rise in the acquisition of new technology, including Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Prior to the pandemic, this technology seemed increasingly unobtainable – like something out of a sci-fi film or futuristic story. They were, in effect, a luxury. Whereas now, such technology has become commonplace within the company, working alongside Planning and Building Control applications. Consequently, 2022 and beyond is looking increasingly bright for Design Spec. It has numerous plans in the works, many of which it hopes to bring to fruition in the upcoming months. It hopes to introduce more people to the world of fixed fee architecture, bolstering what it calls the ‘architectural revolution.’ Additionally, it hopes to push its services throughout the company, infiltrating the Midlands and the North. Contact: James Collinson Company: Design Spec Ltd Web Address: