Business Elite Awards 2022

48 | Business Elite 2022 28 | Q2 2022 May22032 Eliminating Repetition in the Workplace Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has been around for decades, but not to this powerful degree. There are some businesses looking to really expand and build upon the technologies they use – and Centelli is one of them. Outcome oriented Centelli strives to free up each employee from the repetitive and dull tasks that weigh them down and, ultimately, waste their skills. Here we learn more about RPA as SME presents the esteemed accolade of Best UK Robotic Process Automation Technology Company, 2022: Centelli. Since the early 2000s, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has been taking the industry by storm and it shows no sign of slowing down as it reaches more organisations in a variety of sectors. RPA automates everyday processes that were once solely down to humans and promises a new dawn for each company that incorporates it into its process – these processes can be time consuming, uninspiring, and, simply, breed inaccuracies. Globally renowned Centelli liberates employees by lifting repetitive tasks from their hands. The weight that it takes from the employees frees them up to truly explore their skills and more complex tasks that give a feeling of progression, exploration, and creativity. By encouraging the use of RPA in business, Centelli guarantees an excellent and easy move over to more intricate tasks for employees – so that they can feel fulfilled and challenged. This also makes sure that employees have the time to focus on more interesting things like tasks with no scripts and less repetitive actions. Centelli believes that quality has to be of the highest standard for all of its customers, this is so that it can support them and build long-term, lasting relationships that mean Centelli is part of something bigger than itself. A network of business connections as offshoots means that Centelli doesn’t hand off a hot brick, it sees every endeavour through to the end – and further. Centelli’s unique selling point is that its solutions are compatible with any organisation, and it runs smooth like clockwork around the clock. Some tasks that can take up to approximately one day for a human can now be completed in four hours using RPA. Not only does this save time, but it saves mistakes being made. Human error is a common occurrence in all business – for a multitude of reasons – however, with RPA, errors can be eradicated. Centelli’s Digital Assistant works by having a user trigger the RPA. This sets everything in motion and manually kick-starts the process. This process can then run on a computer to guarantee things get done easily, swiftly, and without errors – Centelli tells us it is similar to running a macro in Excel, but with much more power and capability to run across multiple applications at once. Its Digital Worker can function 24/7, 365 days a year without a break – this means a flawless experience and perfect work carried out at all times, and throughout the years. Ticking along in the background, the Digital Worker looks after everything that is repetitive yet entirely necessary to the success of the business. With its Digital Team Lead, Centelli can organise tasks across all of its Digital Workers. This program is able to track tasks and offers centralised logging of results and performance for data analysis and improved services. These methods nurture business development and secure success for companies looking to utilise RPA for their benefit – and the benefit of their employees. Centelli essentially works on the idea that a problem shared is a problem halved – as it works hard to seamlessly connect with the needs of each business that approaches it. The internal culture reflects the work that it does on a daily basis; Centelli is entirely passionate and driven and its staff members always push for quality. The force of RPA from Centelli promises brighter days for businesses looking to grow and expand. Having built a close-knit team of individuals that all have the same goal in mind, Centelli has created a positive atmosphere that is pushing the bar higher with every partnership.