Business Elite Awards 2022

52 | Business Elite 2022 32 | Q2 2022 May22547 Digital Artisans of the Future Fimatix is a digital consultancy providing transformation services to governments and businesses, with experience in all aspects of digital change including AI and decentralised finance/distributed ledger technologies. In light of the company achieving extraordinary success as Best Digital Technology Services Consultancy, 2022 – UK in this issue of SME News magazine, we take a look at how it digitally transforms businesses. Fimatix enhances the productivity of businesses and governments to the benefit of economies, communities, and people around the world, with its clients including major UK government departments such as Home Office, Ministry of Justice, and Department for Levelling Up, and financial institutions like CBRE and HSBC. It also works with emerging unicorns and fintech organisations like Ziglu, MashTraxx, Omnio, and The Big Exchange. Fimatix drives and supports its clients through change by providing the experience, expertise, and scale needed for digital transformation. As an adaptive organisation, it aims to leave behind the cells of change in its clients to encourage them to become self-sufficient in what they do. The Fimatix design team sits alongside its developers so that what is envisaged can be built and deployed with ease. Its delivery teams are immersed in agility and therefore can adapt to changing demands and needs as programmes progress, and the testing team is expert in functional and non-functional testing and automation of testing processes, reducing risk as clients move into live. As a business, Fimatix also seeks to transform and improve itself by using and deploying the tools it builds for clients. For example, it has built and embedded AI into its sales processes to increase ten-fold the level of sales activity it can perform. Also benefiting the company is its recent acquisition of The Idea Group which will improve its development expertise and its presence in financial services. Fimatix CEO, Tim Howarth explains, “We believe the ability to blend digital services with products is essential for the future of consultancy and we will be integrating the strong delivery capabilities in Fimatix with the proven development capabilities within the Idea Group team. It will place us at the heart of two important issues in financial services: automation of compliance and management of pensions.” With values of empowerment, curiosity, focus, respect, courage, and commitment, Fimatix is a people business and its success is entirely driven by the capabilities, engagement, and skills of its people, both employees and associates. These values are designed to influence the way its people work, interact, and communicate with each other and stakeholders. It believes that empowerment is key to success in any transformation and creates the operating structures that allow its teams to flourish. Its top down communication is based on a Mission Command approach: it takes the time to explain its strategic intent so that teams on the ground can make decisions in light of the company’s overall aims as well as the immediate imperative. Overall, Fimatix wants its people to be proud of what they do. Not only this, but it also focuses on supporting the wellbeing of its teams, having invested in a continuous programme of awareness on health and mental issues over the last two years. Tim tells us, “We’ve taken the time to understand how our people want to work and what tools and support they need to succeed. We will be getting together, the whole company, at an offsite this month, for the first time in two years. One of the key outputs of this will be to agree the way we work, engage, and collaborate going forward and what we see as the key measures of success – our OKRs for the next part of our growth strategy. By engaging our people in developing these OKRs we will ensure we don’t leave people behind in such a period of change.” This enables its teams to properly support clients, with the three major challenges currently reinforcing the need for transformation being rising input costs, an acute skills shortage for technology transformation, and a customer expectation, in part driven by their experiences during the covid-19 pandemic, on simplicity of interaction. The rapid advancement of digital enablement of work and services was a positive that came out of the pandemic, accelerating what was an emerging trend of both flexible working using collaborative tools and the digitisation of services to bring them to the point of consumption rather than the point of distribution. In the post-covid period, Fimatix’s most significant challenge is fuelling its growth at a time of high demand for its people’s skills. It is collaborating more with other players in the industry and for the longer term, it is increasing its investment in skills development and apprenticeships so it can build the digital artisans of the future. Ultimately, Fimatix’s ambitions are to create a regional presence to support skills developments in the UK and local hubs of capability. These will be empowered to engage with their local communities, to develop the products and capabilities it has to solve the challenges its clients face; to continue to digitise its own processes and capabilities so it can serve its clients and communities better; and most importantly, to create a flexible working environment that will allow its people to grow and become the best versions of themselves. Company: Fimatix Contact: Tim Howarth Email: Website: Fimatix drives and supports its clients through change by providing the experience, expertise, and scale needed for digital transformation.