Business Elite Awards 2022

7 | Business Elite 2022 65 | Q1 2021 Feb22256 Where Housing Becomes Homes London is the place to be, offering its residents an international hub with a taste of everything on the market. Living in this leading city, however, is no easy task. The team at City Relay specialise in offering beautiful homes that are flexible enough to fit comfortably into a modern lifestyle. Named Best Short-Let Property Management and Services Company, 2022 – London in SME News’ SME Business Elite 2022, we dug a little deeper to discover more. As the capital of the UK, London offers a unique perspective that simply cannot be matched. It is the place to be for those who want to move quickly and make a splash. The challenge of living in this rapidly expanding region, however, is that housing has not been planned. It has evolved over the years to suit the status quo. City Relay intend to change that status quo. They believe that London, and the people who live there, deserve better. What City Relay is offering is a premium rental experience that maximises as far as possible the potential of a property. The team strongly believe that renters in London should have access to comfortable, flexible and functional homes. Their rental partners should be able to manage their portfolio of properties with ease. There must be a way for everyone to benefit. That’s where City Relay come in. Through an impressive track record when it comes to property expertise and an eye for the potential benefits of technology, the City Relay team have built an experience that is unique amongst property management services companies. Instead of offering fixed contracts with limited and demanding terms, the team are proud to provide a flexible model that allows for both short- and long-term lettings. No matter what the needs of the individual, this is a team that is able to meet their incredibly varied demands. Property owners, too, benefit enormously from the incredible skill of the City Relay team. The flexible model of short-, mid-, and long-term lets doesn’t just benefit renters, but ensures that property owners have the best possible rental yield. By trusting the City Relay team, and their ability to deliver an end-to-end property management service, they can be assured of the smooth experience that secured the team’s position as London’s best property management company on Trustpilot. It’s an incredible achievement, which reflects the quality of service they deliver each and every time. With tens of thousands of happy residents, thousands of properties under their care, hundreds of rental partners trusting City Relay to deliver, it’s clear that many have come to rely on what the City Relay team has to offer their clients. The team knows the challenges that lie ahead in the housing sector. It won’t be enough to offer a leading service. The need to ensure a sustainable approach at all times is vital. With this intrepid crew at the heart of the way that London is operating, they are certain to make things better for both the city as a whole and for the people who live in it. The world of housing is one which is ready for change. As the needs of people evolve, it takes a pragmatic eye to achieve success. For those who work with the City Relay team, success is more than just a concept. It’s a certainty, each and every time. Company: City Relay Email: Website: