Business Elite Awards 2022

8 | Business Elite 2022 62 | Q1 2022 Feb22263 A Prosperous Future As a friendly, proficient, and trustworthy specialist, recruitment agency Buckingham Futures is focused on delivering the right opportunities to the right people at the right time. We find out more from the agency’s Founder and CEO as it wins Best for Environmental Health Recruitment Services 2022 – United Kingdom. Founded in 2013 to provide an alternative to faceless Environmental Health recruitment services, Buckingham Futures prides itself on having a high profile within this sector, based on quality service, a competitive pricing policy, and great teamwork. Working with public and private sector organisations to manage their resource challenges at both strategic and day-today levels, the agency recruits for contract, permanent, and interim roles, and works with candidates at all stages of their careers. All candidates at Buckingham Futures possess relevant industry qualifications and will have gone through a rigorous pre-screening process to ensure that they meet the agency’s clients’ needs. “At Buckingham Futures we drive forward, maintaining a positive business growth plan,” explains Founding Owner and Chief Executive Officer, Ketan Dattani. “Operating in a niche technical discipline, our strategy has always been to maintain a narrow focus and excel in our chosen area. This means we can offer you a host of benefits that only such a specialist recruitment consultancy in our position can do.” The firm’s reputation is built on solid foundations and a history of successfully delivering positive outcomes for clients and candidates. Accurately identifying the needs of both clients and candidates ensures the agency remains effective and it is determined to maintain this level of commitment. “It is our level of knowledge that truly sets us apart from competitors,” Ketan continues. “It’s how we continue to outperform the kind of corporate faceless recruitment service we set out to counteract.” Ketan himself holds 23 years’ worth of Environmental Health recruitment experience. Academically Ketan is a graduate of Environmental Biotechnology and a postgraduate of Environmental Planning and Management. He also holds a Certificate in Employment Law and The Certificate in Recruitment Practice. Outside of business, Ketan volunteers with a number of schools, colleges, and universities providing careers guidance, CV writing; interview technique workshops, and conducting mock interviews with those looking to embark on a career within the Environmental Health sector. “We enjoy open dialogue and discussing the issues that really matter,” he elaborates, speaking more about the agency and its unique approach. “You will always be greeted with an honest and understanding approach. Integrity is our core value.” The internal culture at Buckingham Futures is one of complete unity. The dedicated team are focused on offering in-depth market knowledge and expertise to candidates and clients alike by a close-knit and dedicated team of committed professionals, hired for their ambition and character, and encouraged to develop their careers within the agency’s genuine meritocracy. Recently, Buckingham Futures was recognised in the SME NEWs Awards and bestowed with the esteemed title of Best for Environmental Health Recruitment Services 2022 in the United Kingdom. With a consistent record of achievement and a proven track record of repeat business, it seems that the future is looking very bright indeed. “We pride ourselves on having a high profile within this sector, based on quality service, a competitive pricing policy and great teamwork, Ketan finalises. “This means we can offer our clients a host of benefits that only such a specialist recruitment consultancy in our unique position can do.” Contact: Ketan Dattani Company: Buckingham Futures Web Address: