Business Elite Awards 2022

Business Elite 2022 | 17 Q1 2022 | 61 Building the Teams of the Future for Today’s Businesses Additionally, it can take a personal approach to its human resources efforts through the direct delivery of coaching and workshops. Its experience in coaching individuals in a wide range of issues and topics has garnered it additional notoriety amongst clients who have benefitted from its leadership coaching, career guidance, and performance coaching. Having worked with both individuals and teams – across all levels of business, from the bottom to the top of any organisation – it can provide the kind of coaching that increases productivity through giving people the tools they need to succeed. This is especially useful for situations that involve shifts in the workplace, as its transition coaching can provide expert onboarding for clients finding that their roles have changed due to other restructuring services also provided by Integrated Resources. Modular, bespoke, and brilliant across every single one of its services, Integrated Resources promises to continue giving clients the confidence they need to work towards the best future for their organisation. Building the best teams with the best attitudes, its efforts will remain impeccable in both theory and execution long into the future, adapting these accordingly so it can keep itself contemporary in a changing market. Company: Integrated Resources Contact: Bryony Harper-Williams Website: