Business Elite Awards 2022

32 | Business Elite 2022 47 | Q2 2022 Apr22651 Securing Property Success Your dream home doesn’t just deserve to be of the highest quality. It deserves the highest level of protection to give you total peace of mind. This peace of mind is provided by the team at Advantage Home Construction Insurance. In the series of awards from SME Business Elite 2022, the team was named Best Structural Defects Warranty and Insurance Company, 2022 - United Kingdom. We take a closer look at the ways in which they’ve been able to thrive in recent years. Headquartered in the North West, but with offices spread the length and breadth of the UK, the team at Advantage have become renowned for their ability to provide structural warranties that really mean something. Trusted by individual self-builders and leading developers alike, the team’s reputation has soared over the last few years earning them a place amongst the UK’s SME Business Elite. Those who turn to the Advantage team do so because of the assurance that comes with their documentation. A structural warranty provides cover if a defect is detected within 10 years of a project being completed, and a team of experts both on and off site work tirelessly to ensure that their products meet the precise needs of their clients. No matter whether you’re a property developer wanting that extra level of security or an individual who needs cover for their dream property, the team at Advantage are able to assist. Over the years, the team has been recognised for their ability to cover both commercial and residential properties, ranging from self-builds to flagship £50m developments. Each requires a unique approach, but one which adequately covers any difficulties that might occur. Since opening their doors, the Advantage team has earned plaudits for their ability to provide specialist products such as Road, Sewer and Performance bonds, as well as a wide range of Insurance Backed Guarantees. One of the key reasons behind the Advantage team’s remarkable achievements is their impeccable reputation for going above and beyond. This is facilitated through the use of dedicated relationship managers who get to know the details of each situation and offer cover which is tailored to their specific needs. Because the team are partners as opposed to staff working at their client’s beck and call, the Advantage team is often proactive in their approach, pushing projects of all sizes through the various stages that will secure their success. With over 40 years of expertise to draw on, it’s little wonder that the Advantage team have come to know the finest names in the industry, able to name leading insurers amongst the options they propose. To ensure that clients feel assured of the highest quality at all times, the team have become part of Trading Standards’ Consumer Codes Approval Scheme. This means that the company has a “proven commitment to honest business and higher customer standards”. When looking at the world of insurance products, it pays to turn to those who have a reputation for excellence. At Advantage, nothing less will suffice. We celebrate the way in which this intrepid team has managed to garner such support from across a multitude of industries and the way in which their efforts have been able to ensure that they are at the forefront of the structural defects warranty sector. Company: Advantage Email: Web Address: