Business Elite Awards 2022

4 | Business Elite 2022 54 | Q1 2022 Feb22079 Events Specialists Secure Success! A good event flows with a grace and elegance that makes one sorry it is over, but this is only possible with years of experience in overcoming the inherent challenges involved. In SME News’ rolling series of awards focused on SME Business Elite 2022, the team were awarded the title of Best Consumer and Trade Events Planning Firm, 2022 - United Kingdom. With events forming a major part of the UK’s industry, we thought it time to take a closer look at this invaluable supplier of knowledge and support. No event runs on the skills of an individual and finding the right team of people to ensure that your big day runs without a hitch is no easy task. With so many demands on everyone’s time, often reacting to unforeseen challenges, it pays to turn to a team that has an impressive track record and an ability to find a staff that has seen it all before. The team behind AbraxysGlobal has facilitated numerous events over the years, offering a great deal of comfort in the most difficult of circumstances. The range of services offered by the team at AbraxysGlobal has seen them brought into projects ranging from major international exhibitions through to small regional fairs. No matter what the size or what the nature of the occasion, this is a team that ensures that an event is the hit it deserves and needs to be. Because no two events are the same, each with their own unique challenges and difficulties, the team have made it their mission to treat each of their projects as thoroughly individual. For organisers, the AbraxysGlobal team are ideally suited to the task of extending the impact of your team, with a range of floor managers, health and safety inspectors and events staff who can adapt to the precise nature of the event. For those who do not run events often, and must depend on outside help, AbraxysGlobal is the finest available throughout the UK, and beyond. Their local knowledge of what is needed is matched only by the global nature of their reach. Of course, those who run exhibits might not be familiar with the unique challenges involved. To overcome these, the AbraxysGlobal team offer simple and effective ways of moving forward and securing success. This includes allowing for the essential risk assessments that are involved, but often overlooked. Exhibiting is not an easy task, calling for a great deal of experience in a range of areas. Exhibitors must simultaneously be experts in their field, but thoroughly welcoming to those who are not. They must contend with presentation and practicality in equal measure. These skills are deftly supported by those at AbraxysGlobal. Naturally, the events industry has brought with it a range of contractors, each with their own speciality to offer clients. The AbraxysGlobal team know how best to ensure that every part of your event is compliant with the various regulations that go into running an event, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the world begins to emerge from the wake of this game changing event, it’s companies such as AbraxysGlobal that ensure they can do so safely and effectively. Their considerable experience is an invaluable resource to many. When we think of well-run events, we cannot begin to imagine the complexity that goes into the creation of every aspect. The team at AbraxysGlobal make it look easy through an effortless front that is to their credit. We celebrate their success and look forward to what they bring to this incredible industry in the weeks and months to come. Company: AbraxysGlobal Ltd Name: Chris Simpson Email: Feb22079