Business Elite Awards 2022

41 | Business Elite 2022 33 | Q2 2022 Mar22323 Creating a Better World Through Childcare As Kent’s Most Trusted Childcare Provider, 2022, Ice Tickles Childcare is expected to go on to achieve great things. The childcare service is renowned for its devotion to child development, for which it provides a multitude of appropriate toys and activities, maintains a supportive environment, and encourages learning in accordance with the EYFS framework. For many parents the prospect of finding childcare is a daunting inevitability. Will it be affordable? Will my child be safe? Are the providers adequately qualified? These questions fly through parents’ heads as they scour endless lists searching for the perfect place for their child. This is, in fact, normal. Its right to be concerned about whether a childcare provider is suitable; however, there is a solution. Located in Dartford Heath, Kent, stands Ice Tickles Childcare, a leading provider of around the clock childcare. Led by Iesha Notice, an experienced registered childminder, the establishment offers a flexible and friendly service that serves to benefit both the parents and children. It is willing to work alongside parents in order to build a childcare plan that works for all parties. Henceforth, whether the parent is in need of ad hoc or consistent childcare, Ice Tickles Childcare is willing to provide its services. This understanding and eternally useful childcare company provides invaluable wrap around care which includes ‘pick up and drop off services’ from local schools as well as school bus services when picking up children from home, taking them to school, and back again. This kind of support aids guardians and parents who are unable to commute for the school run, those working from home, or individuals with children going to different schools. Guaranteeing childcare for 15 and 30 hours, Ice Tickles Childcare can be there in all in times of need – making childcare easier and more flexible. Not only does Ice Tickles Childcare offer its wrap around care, but it also helps parents with their fees for nappies, milk, wipes, and formula – as well as its overarching commitment to keeping children healthy through its homecooked meals that prioritise health for lunch and dinner. These things often take the strain off parents as Ice Tickles Childcare truly empathises with them. Ice Tickles Childcare is a place in which children thrive, develop new skills, and make dozens of friends. Ice Tickles Childcare stringently follows the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) statutory framework, providing every child that passes through its doors with an abundance of engaging tasks and activities. Whilst at the provider, children will be guided through the development of interpersonal, literacy, language, and mathematics skills, which are then complimented by a supportive and relaxing environment. Within this relaxed setting, the childcare providers also introduce multi-cultural education alongside its diverse and inclusive nature – offering insight into the world for generations to come. Its community group regularly teaches children about different cultures and offers anti-racist support and education for all children. This support is also for educators so that they may improve the way they deliver inclusivity and diversity – creating a better world for all of us. Every day is a new experience for the children at Ice Tickles Childcare. There is a never-ending stream of fun to be had, be it in the facility’s two playrooms or outdoors in the garden. From trampolines to play kitchens, the children have access to a plethora of toys with which their imaginations can run wild. Moreover, Ice Tickles Childcare endeavours to cultivate an awareness of each child’s development and the toys and activities they prefer, as this allows it to provide tailored activities and care to each child. Perhaps most importantly, it is a place where the children can feel at home. Iesha has created a business that embraces every child, no matter what their abilities are, what their background is, or who their parents may be. Ice Tickles Childcare is safe, accepting, and positive. As such, this is reflected in the client testimonies and the multiple five-star ratings that it has acquired. For example, one parent in particular writes, “I hit the childcare jackpot when I met Iesha. She’s incredibly kind, clean & knowledgeable in her trade. She made my daughter feel comfortable from the outset and makes sure to incorporate learning, creativity, and adventure into her daily routines. A nice touch throughout the day is also the updates, pictures & videos I get, allowing me focus on work and at peace that my little one is in safe hands. We love Ice Tickles in our household and would recommend the setting any day any time!” Contact: Iesha Notice Company: Ice Tickles Childcare Web Address: