Business Elite Awards 2022

42 | Business Elite 2022 15 | Q2 2022 Mar22364 Helping Innovative RegTechs Stand Out From The Crowd Aurora has become an invaluable partner to innovative technology solutions across Financial Services, consequently gaining recognition as the ‘Best Boutique Banking and Regulatory Technology Consultancy’ in 2022 for London. Expanding significantly in 2021, and with more growth on the cards for 2022, Aurora’s ‘CLM Experts’ are helping start-ups and growing companies alike to speak in the right way to their target audience, and stay ahead of their competition in a world where the sands are constantly shifting. Aurora is a London-based consultancy firm that works with clients ranging from Tier 1 banks and global regulatory technology businesses to socially-conscious and innovative technology start-ups. Fundamentally, Aurora’s work, underpinned by the decades of business and technological expertise found within its senior ranks, has secured it a glowing reputation in the industry. Its staff members have each proven themselves in their respective fields prior to working with Aurora. Critically, with remote-work and e-commerce having taken over as two of the foremost influences on modern development, Aurora has been keeping its finger on the pulse of the world’s most innovative sectors. By partnering with NuAvenue design studio and Parker Veese lean technology consultancy, Aurora has developed a 16-week accelerator programme for early-stage technology startups looking to capitalise on some of these emerging trends or disrupt the financial sector. The programme decreases the time it would normally take to introduce their solution to market and increases their chances of sustainable success. Aurora’s five foundational pillars of diversity, integrity, honesty, creativity, and wisdom make it a unique organisation. Additionally, its people are dedicated and talented, leveraging their deep problem-solving capabilities to help clients overcome their biggest challenges as they grow and evolve. The Aurora management know that their ‘people are everything’, so strive to make it an enjoyable and enriching place to work. Whether it’s between colleagues or with the client, communication will be honest, reliable, and personable, with flexibility at the core. Aurora boasts a growing team of professionals across the UK, each of whom have been stepping up to the plate to aid clients in managing the increasingly profound challenges of the pandemic and digitalisation of work. Nominally, with so many new businesses having started up, it has found itself busier than ever, with its ‘Tech Accelerator’ attracting a plethora of new and exciting start-ups. Having expanded from 6 to 20 employees, its team are ready and waiting to engage with prospective customers about how they can help your business. The best way to get in touch with Aurora is to directly contact Joshua Dent at Company: Aurora Contact: Joshua Dent Website: