Business Elite Awards 2022

5 | Business Elite 2022 63 | Q1 2021 Feb22081 Rediscover Your Marketing Mojo There is no company more deserving of Best Strategic Marketing Consultancy and Design Agency, 2022 – Wales than Mojo Marketing. With decades of experience supporting its services, the company has established working relationships with global brands, creating bespoke marketing solutions that cultivate solid results. Join us as we explore the elements that Mojo Marketing a rare jewel in an overly-saturated industry. Mojo Marketing is Wales’ premium strategic marketing consultancy. It has an array of services within its inventory, ranging from ethical marketing to copyright and PR. Furthermore, each one of these services are carried out in a way that prioritises the client’s desired results, as Mojo Marketing truly understands that no two clients are the same. Consequently, this approach has led to the Company’s Managing Director, Nicola Merriman, having worked with some of the world’s most prestigious blue-chip companies, including CocaCola, Unilever, and MARS Inc. (Masterfoods.) Through the creation of bespoke marketing strategies, Mojo Marketing has cultivated a diverse clientele. This is further bolstered by Mojo Marketing’s specialisation in companies seeking to meet ambitious growth targets – the company works across a plethora of sectors but primarily focuses upon FMCG Food & Drink brands. Most recently, however, Mojo Marketing has begun to advance upon the tourism industry. Unsurprisingly, this has brought continued success to the company, as it has acquired numerous clients from across Wales. Through a plethora of methods, Mojo Marketing aids its clients to achieve their goals. After all, Mojo Marketing is all about the brand, and therefore, it creates comprehensive solutions that embody the client’s brand. Its digital marketing option, for example, offers results that lie on the cutting-edge of the advertising realm. Mojo Marketing prides itself on being on top of its game when it comes to digital marketing – as a fast-paced marketing channel, the company believes that it is imperative to consistently innovate, train, and learn, in order to remain ahead of the trends. The company is also home to a highly-skilled Graphic Design team that are deeply passionate about bringing a company’s vision to life through visual art. In essence, Mojo Marketing takes joy in joining its clients’ journeys as a part of their wider team. Henceforth, the company ensures that its team is constantly on top form. Each team member displays a devotion to client-centricity and possesses a deep passion for marketing, which has resulted in a workforce that strives to create the best possible results. Moreover, the team is exceptionally diverse, boasting members from a range of backgrounds and a plethora of qualifications in areas such as auditing and environmental management services. This leads into the fact that the company values sustainability – an area which the team is deeply passionate about – and denounces any company that resorts to greenwashing. Of course, none of this would have been possible without the company’s founder, Nicola Merriman. Upon completing her master’s degree in Public Relations, Merriman entered the marketing world via the Unilever Graduate Management Programme in 1999. It was here that she was first exposed to the cross sector of Blue Chip FMCG business. Two years later, Merriman had completed the programme and had successfully gained a job in the marketing team, in of which she became the manager of the renowned PG Tips brand. Since then, Merriman has worked with Coca-Cola, Princes Gate Mineral Water, and Masterfoods in the pet care division. In conclusion, it is clear to see why Mojo Marketing has accomplished such high levels of success. Through a combination of Merriman’s expertise, the team, and the quality of its work, Mojo Marketing has established a positive reputation for itself. Mark Whitehouse of Fishguard Bay Resort sums the company up as ‘an extension of ourselves,’ stating that the company is ‘A refreshing, approachable and honest entity where we feel at liberty to voice both our praise of great work and feel very comfortable in being able to question anything we’re unsure of.’ Simply, Mojo Marketing is the premium option for all your marketing needs. Contact: Nicola Merriman Company: Mojo Marketing Website: