Business Elite Awards 2022

51 | Business Elite 2022 27 | Q2 2022 May22471 Repair, Don’t Replace eSpares provides a huge range of spare parts and accessories for household appliances. On top of this, it has an extensive library of appliance advice content including how-to videos, step-by-step articles, informative blog posts, and bite-sized tips and hacks. Being named Best Home Appliance Spare Parts and Accessories Ecommerce Company, 2022 – United Kingdom in this issue of SME News magazine, we take a closer look at how it helps customers. If an appliance breaks down or isn’t performing at its best, the eSpares website has everything in one place to get it back to full working order. eSpares supplies appliance parts, accessories and advice to appliance owners throughout the UK and beyond. The goal is to make fixing and maintaining home appliances easier by providing both the physical parts and the necessary advice to help people get the work done. The core message at eSpares is (and always has been) ‘repair, don’t replace’. Ultimately, it wants to help its customers to feel more confident in maintaining their household goods instead of throwing them away and replacing them, making for a more repair-friendly, eco-friendly, and costeffective way of living. eSpares is uniquely a one-stop shop which solves appliance issues from start to finish, with its service including advice to help people diagnose the problem with their appliance and find the right part to solve it. Then the part is supplied and after the fix has been completed, the company will provide maintenance advice and products to help avoid future issues. Without its staff and the hard work that comes from each and every one of its teams, eSpares wouldn’t be where it is today. Whenever the time comes to build the company further, it is always eager to snap up individuals who are equally as passionate about its core message as they are about their professions. eSpares’ work culture is one of enthusiasm, communication, and growth. It wants its employees to feel excited about spreading the message of ‘repair, don’t replace’ and so it is always finding ways to nurture the growth of each individual within its teams. It also wants its employees to feel valued in what they do for the company, so it encourages open communication and is always striving to bring out the best in its staff. The company is confident that this helps its teams not only work as effectively as possible, but as happily as possible too. However, that’s not to say the business hasn’t had it share of challenges. Of course, Covid-19 was likely the largest hurdle eSpares has ever had to face, and it isn’t alone in that regard, with other businesses also struggling. During that uncertain time, the company knew that safety and flexibility were more important for the business than ever. That’s why it allowed (and still allows) its staff to work from home whilst constantly encouraging and nurturing communication to keep the business thriving. Content and PR Manager at eSpares, Eleanor Paice says, “With every black cloud, there’s also a silver lining, and we certainly found ours during the Covid-19 pandemic. With so many people being stuck at home, we saw a huge boost in customers becoming more DIY-savvy and repairfriendly around their households. The demand for spare parts and repair service greatly increased, and we welcomed the opportunity to spread the good word of repairing to a larger audience.” And eSpares will never stop trying to find new ways to grow and spread its message. For example, it recently took to TikTok and is in the process of building its channel. As many appliance owners find it daunting to start carrying out their own repairs, TikTok is a great platform for eSpares to show the masses that it’s not nearly as scary as it seems through bite-sized appliance repair and maintenance tips. Eleanor comments, “We think this is a great opportunity for us to embrace a new channel in the ever-growing digital age of social media, and we look forward to reaching and helping a new audience with their appliance repairs.” As always, eSpares wants to spread the good word of ‘repair, don’t replace’ as far as it can! Anyone who finds themselves wanting to become more repair savvy and hands-on with their appliances needs to look no further than the company’s many resources. With over 700 articles on its Advice Centre, and over 700 howto appliance care videos on its YouTube channel (totalling 98,000,000 views!), it is continuously providing as much information and guidance for appliance owners as possible. eSpares can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram where it has accumulated an overall community of over 66,000 like-minded fixers. This number demonstrates the ever-growing demand for appliance spare parts and maintenance advice, which eSpares uses its channels to share whenever it can. It’s doing a pretty good job too; with over 340,000 reviews on Trustpilot, the company believes its 4.7 star rating speaks for itself! Company: eSpares Contact: Eleanor Paice Email: Website: “We think this is a great opportunity for us to embrace a new channel in the ever-growing digital age of social media, and we look forward to reaching and helping a new audience with their appliance repairs.”