Business Elite Awards 2022

53 | Business Elite 2022 33 | Q3 2022 Jul22416 Come Rain or Shine With a uniquely positive perspective on life, buying a MAZE product is more than simply purchasing a piece of furniture, it is also buying into a philosophy centred around wellbeing. We find out more about this innovative outdoor brand and its concepts from Andy Baxter, MD, in the wake of the firm being recognised as Best Outdoor Furniture Design Company 2022 – UK. MAZE is one of the UK’s largest and fastest-growing garden furniture brands. Being proudly independent, MAZE can do things differently. The dedicated and passionate team working behind the scenes view outdoor spaces as exciting opportunities to create a personal sanctuary for health and mental wellbeing. This refreshing approach means that MAZE designs its innovative, stand-out garden furniture with its clients in mind. “We understand your desire to relax in ultimate comfort and have fun entertaining in style in your own private social environment,” explains Andy Baxter, MD. “When we design, we create it in your image. Our pioneering collections draw their inspiration from life, trends, and culture from right across the globe – they take you on a journey that curates designs that enhance your home and lifestyle.” Not only is the concept unique, but the artisanship is high-quality too as all MAZE furniture is expertly hand-crafted by the skilled team and everything comes with peace of mind in the form of a manufacturer’s warranty, meaning the brand is becoming a well-trusted household name. As well as being committed to providing excellence in customer service, the company also places a large emphasis on sustainability, using recyclable rattan materials and aluminium frames – as well as ensuring all of its packaging is fully-recyclable too, meaning zero waste goes to landfill. “Being hard working and ambitious is crucial to our success,” elaborates Andy, who is quick to sing the praises of the diligent team. “We ensure all employees have direction and clear KPIs, so we are all heading in the same direction.” And this approach is certainly proving successful as the firm has seen its turnover increase from £16 million to more than £36 million in just two years. Of course, the Covid-19 pandemic played its part in driving this boom in sales too, but it did not come without its challenges and MAZE saw shipping and availability of materials become very scarce at several points during the lockdown periods. “Due to our close partnerships and relationships with manufacturers and suppliers we were able to navigate the pandemic very well,” Andy continues. “We were delighted to also find ourselves wining the Growth 100 and the Organic Growth awards in both 2020 and 2021.” Now, the plans moving forward for MAZE include recruiting more senior roles to turbo-charge the company’s growth, to develop more unique products (including a ‘made in Britain’ range), and to further develop close relationships with key retailers. “Our sustainability goals are also a large focus for the future,” Andy shares. “We’re looking to change from the consumable range to products that have a longer life span.” Andy and the team can add another prestigious accolade to the trophy cabinet as MAZE was recently recognised in the 2022 SME Business Elite Awards and crowned with the title of Best Outdoor Furniture Design Company 2022 – UK. Contact: Harry Beard Company: MAZE Web Address: Email: