Business Elite Awards 2022

9 | Business Elite 2022 66 | Q1 2022 Feb22374 Energy Award Winners Genovate Power Solutions build, install and maintain generators for many of the UK’s leading businesses and to Short Term Operating Reserve sites which provide backup power to the National Grid. They take seriously their responsibility to their customers and are committed to ensuring a quality service. For this reason, Genovate Power Solutions has just been named the Best for Generator Installation and Maintenance Services, 2022 in the West Midlands. Receiving the award, Alan Dempsey, Genovate Power Solutions CEO, said: “We’re very proud to have been chosen to receive this award. What we do is about making our customers lives easier, by making sure they don’t have to worry about their power equipment or energy bills. We take our job seriously and we’re pleased to have been recognised for the services we provide.” By offering distributed power installation and maintenance services, Genovate power solutions offers their customers reduced energy bills, opportunities to reduce their emissions and protection from power-cuts. For many businesses with high energy requirements and with a need for uninterrupted power, such as data centres, hospital trusts, laboratories, etc. distributed power is the most desirable option. Genovate Power solutions’ energy projects involve top-quality development, build, and operation of reliable energy assets. Their team of engineers and project managers works closely with customers to find the most efficient and reliable solution based on the individual requirements of each project. And most importantly, after delivery, they provide thorough maintenance services which ensures reliability and extends the life of power assets meaning significant savings in the long term. Covering a wide area – the whole of the UK – Genovate Power Solutions is able to offer super fast emergency response assistance for power emergencies to existing customers and new clients up and down the country. Contact: Alan Dempsey Company: GF Genovate Websites: