C-suite Awards 2022

CEO MONTHLY / C-suite Awards 2022 11 engineering and hacking custom code that could visually monitor backup systems, which helped eliminate half of the workload from his dreaded third shifts. “Anything I had to do more than twice, I would try to figure out a way to automate so I could focus on more interesting work,” Zack quipped when talking about his belief that working yourself out of a job is one of the best ways to grow. He wasn’t always set on leading in the corporate world and planned to use the time working during those late shifts to complete his degree and dive deeper into as much new technology learning as he could. For Zack, technology had a way of leveling the playing field. He saw it as mechanism to unlock value in the real world. Eventually, he discovered that he received the most enjoyment by helping others succeed. This led him to consciously take on more leadership responsibilities. Fast forward several years, and Mr. Storer was leading at all levels and making measurable impacts across enterprises and industries. He later founded Angel Equity and Sigma 7 Labs to invest in high-growth companies and also started advising juggernaut enterprises in search of lasting material transformation. When asked why Zack is a trusted advisor to startups, Kenny Olsen, CEO of Dart Displays, said, “Zack has been a key investor in Dart, and I have always been able to trust his strategic advice. In particular, he has helped us with key contract negotiations and with determining how best to sync up with strategic partners.” Gary Howard, president and co-founder of Callibrity, added, “Zack is one of the most driven and knowledgeable senior executives you’ll ever meet. We trusted Zack to become our first independent board director at Callibrity because his breadth of cross-industry knowledge and technology is unparalleled in driving growth. He genuinely cares for and makes an impact across all aspects of the companies he serves.” It is not often you find someone so approachable who equally loves to lead and dive deep into the fundamentals of an industry to make technology a strategic weapon for growth. For Zack, this proved to be a useful foundation when he led in New York. While living in Manhattan, he was inspired by the energy of the city and found a creative home for his passion for diversity and learning. He joined a division of News Corp (NYSE: NWSA), parent company to the Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones, as chief growth officer where he helped prime the CO51 & NAM media business units for a strategic sale while leading P&Ls, technology, and product. Following learning and success in media, Zack moved on to help Grainger (NYSE: GWW) with their technology strategy, which expanded into a full-blown digital platform transformation. “Zack’s skill in modern engineering practices, strong leadership capabilities, and relatable, easy-going style made him a welcome and effective technology leader,” said Brian Walker, CPO of Grainger. Another former Grainger colleague, Sean McCormick, now CIO of EQT, noted, “He cares deeply for the people he works with, treats them with dignity, and is able to inject positivity into any situation.” Beyond his time in Chicago with Grainger, he became a trusted partner and contract CTO of Bowery Farming, the nation’s largest indoor vertical agriculture innovator primed to later land a staggering $300m Series C investment. Again, on the surface, one might wonder why someone who has led in manufacturing, retail, media, and digital solutions would be so energized by agriculture. For Zack, however, it took mere seconds to get excited about the amount of opportunity that IoT, ML/AI, and autonomous robotics can play to sustainably help millions of people across the planet gain access to fresh produce. Now focused on health care, he is driving innovation into a new sector. “Zack is bringing pivotal digital technology strategy to the core of our company that positions us for incredible long-term growth,” said John Sebastian, CEO of Health Carousel. This theme of constant learning extends beyond business sectors and includes an undergraduate degree from the University of Cincinnati in information engineering technology and coursework in electrical and mechanical engineering. Zack has also completed Stanford’s Design Thinking & Product Innovation program, Cornell’s Executive Leadership program, and programs at MIT in product strategy, enterprise strategy, and neuroscience. When asked what he is focused on for the future, Zack commented: “I am just grateful for every day I am alive and able to grow. I want to support and make the most positive impact I can, while I can, in the lives of my children, wife, family, friends, teammates, and those who count on me to be there for them.” Awardee: Zack Storer, CTPO Personal Site: RelentlessCuriosity.com Company: Health Carousel Media Contact: Lauren Kellum