C-suite Awards 2022

CEO MONTHLY / C-suite Awards 2022 12 Health Carousel, a Trusted Partner in Healthcare The healthcare staffing industry is a vital part of the healthcare delivery system in America, a system that has been tested by chronic worker shortages and a pandemic. Increasingly, organizations and healthcare professionals are looking for a modern, flexible, and technologically enabled staffing model. Health Carousel, one of the nation’s fastest growing and most respected providers of healthcare staffing and workforce solutions, has combined the best in digital technology with the traditional models of staffing to create a more satisfying, flexible and costeffective experience for healthcare facilities and healthcare providers around the country. rust is the foundation of building incredible companies. In the healthcare industry, trust helps create robust connections that mutually elevate all those involved. Over the last few years, those most trusted have been steadfast pillars of support at a time of constant disruption and uncertainty. There can be no doubt that Health Carousel is a business built on a platform of trust – alongside an uncompromising drive to tackle the biggest challenges facing American healthcare. Solving the Shortage Problem The scarcity of qualified health personnel, including nurses +and physicians has been one of the primary concerns in the U.S. healthcare system since the 1970s. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, by the year 2024, there will be a need for more than 1 million nurses in the U.S. In addition, one-third of practicing US physicians are over 60 and more likely to retire over the next decade. As large numbers of aging healthcare providers head into retirement, it could create a drastic knowledge gap and a loss of experienced workers, further hindering the country’s ability to educate and train providers entering the field. In addition to staffing shortages, healthcare facilities also struggle with optimizing the usage of a wide range of staffing solutions to maximize patient care and match expected patient census seasonally and during significant outbreaks. Healthcare facilities were challenged to respond with recruitment and staffing solutions that meet the needs of their patients and facilities even before the pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic created a surge in cases and patient care demands that far surpassed the capacity of the healthcare system, both in terms of available facilities, and healthcare providers. Dedicated to addressing such short-term and longterm workforce challenges in the healthcare industry, Health Carousel offers the finest healthcare talent and workforce solutions across a variety of healthcare occupations, including physicians, registered nurses, allied health, and advanced practice professionals. By delivering high-quality healthcare staff in real time as needs arise, it enables healthcare organizations to optimize their workforce, improve patient care, and reduce the cost of healthcare. Delivering an Innovative Suite of Staffing Solutions Health Carousel was founded in 2004 with a vision to ensure that every American has access to high-quality healthcare when and where they need it, and by doing so, to improve lives and make healthcare work better. Driven by this noble vision, the pioneering company offers an innovative suite of solutions designed to make staffing a healthcare facility easier, faster, and more manageable. Health Carousel’s staffing and workforce solutions improve lives and make healthcare work better for everyone: for providers, for facilities, and— ultimately—for patients. Even as resource demands shift, Health Carousel strengthens outcomes related to cost containment, revenue enablement, and patient experience. Health Carousel consists of a market-leading portfolio of businesses, unified by a centralized back office, responsive digital strategy, and rigorous legal and ethical standards. Together, we’re improving lives by connecting in-demand nurses, physicians, allied health, and advanced practice professionals with healthcare institutions across the country. Health Carousel Travel Nursing Health Carousel Travel Nursing (HCTN) connects healthcare facilities to a national network of experienced travel nurse and allied healthcare professionals for immediate and crisis support. HCTN has built a thriving, talented community of qualified, credentialed nurses and allied professionals ready to work wherever and whenever needed. With their nationwide reach, streamlined digital experience, and clinically led support team, Health Carousel is the remedy for staff shortages and career burnout. Mobility, scalability, and flexibility: it’s a workforce strategy that makes healthcare work better for everyone. Health Carousel Locum Tenens Health Carousel Locum Tenens (HCLT) connects Apr22136 T