C-suite Awards 2022

CEO MONTHLY / C-suite Awards 2022 14 Most Innovative Business Success Strategist 2022 (USA): Lupe Feld Sales and revenue are both vital elements of most businesses – they ensure survival. Outsourcing support for these processes can ensure the streamlining of revenue acquisition and create new revenue streams. S&P Data Digital is a company specialising in this area. utsourcing sales operations is becoming increasingly common in the digital age, leaving companies to focus on the things that they do best. As such, S&P Data Digital is leading revenue solutions partner for companies devoted to providing a premium customer experience. Indeed, S&P Data Digital seamlessly combines cutting edge technology with expert sales solutions that push for incremental revenue and drive its clients’ businesses into success. Under the company’s umbrella of services, it offers acquisition, base management, retention, and win-back solutions. Revenue growth is the underlying connection between each of these services, which has made the company a hit among both start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. ‘Client success is something that I have been passionate about my entire career and a core principle at S&P Data Digital,’ explains Lupe Feld, CSO, ‘we pull from our success, and our own customer experiences as we serve new and existing clients. This requires consistent efforts, asking questions, understanding and level-setting expectations, anticipating challenges and figuring out proactive solutions. Most importantly, we do what we said we were going to do.’ Moreover, Feld is eager to speak on the importance of the CEO and CTO in guiding the direction of the company into favourable winds. ‘Our CEO and founder takes pride in having his finger on the pulse of trends. While some ignored the trends, led by our CTO and co-founder, S&P Data Digital shifted and doubled down on building the technology that powers our RPO solution. Because of that, we find ourselves keenly positioned to support our clients and other new businesses struggling to find talent because of “the great resignation”’. During her time at S&P Data Digital, Feld has been Chief Revenue Officer and Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Social Media. Prior to her time with the company, Feld gained experience working in the telecommunications, fintech, and financial services industries in international markets where she worked for leaders such as AT&T, American Express, Worldpay, and Fiserv. As a result, Feld boasts an impressive skillset, including analytical thinking, leadership, communication, decision making, negotiation, partnerships, marketing, Web3, and social media. Feld adds, ‘I have always been a curious learner and adopted a fearless attitude.’ It is this attitude, paired with her passion for sales, that has served as the catalyst for her successful career. It is clear, however, that Feld is incredibly humble, as she comments, ‘my achievements would not have been possible without the support and influence of those that gave me the challenge and opportunity to prove myself. Their sponsorship, guidance, and support has brightened my professional career, bolstered my confidence in knowing the value I deliver, while I push and continue to learn, improve, and work on my areas of development.’ Ultimately, Feld is a leader – she understands the responsibility that her role carries. Over the years, her leadership style has evolved alongside her expertise and Apr22712 O skillset. In essence, during her time working under some of the ‘best and worst leaders,’ Feld has shaped her style in accordance with the methods she found to have an impact. Subsequently, she describes her approach as a blend of pragmatic, idealistic, diplomatic, and stewardship styles, ‘with a focus on building followership, creating a healthy culture, and a goal-oriented team that understands what is expected and delivers the expected results.’ Going forward, Feld hopes to bolster her work on the fledgling CRO Spotlight podcast, which she co-hosts with Warren Zenna. The podcast acts as a knowledge sharing platform for industry leaders, inviting expert guests to share their insight. Feld concludes, ‘I am excited about the rest of 2022 and believe it will prove to be my best year yet. Earlier this year, I was invited and joined CHIEF, a private network built to drive more women into positions of power and help keep them there. As a female Hispanic, I know first-hand the work and effort that goes into reaching the C-Suite. My goal is to continue to lift and pull talent with a focus on diversity.’ Contact: Lupe Feld Website: www.lfleadershipsolutions.com Podcast: www.salesiqglobal.com/ podcasts/cro-spotlight