C-suite Awards 2022

CEO MONTHLY / C-suite Awards 2022 15 Apr22417 When Bernadette Gotch first began her career as a Registered Nurse at amajor tertiary hospital in Sydney, she couldn’t have known her journey would take her to the heights of leadership, recognised for her work on an international level. Her work at KinCare is the culmination of years of expertise in the field, and showcases a leader who is constantly pushing forward into bold new territories at all times. For thirty years, KinCare has been providing specialised in-home services to elderly Australians, offering them the vital support they have needed to remain safe and independent. Joining the business in March 2020, just as COVID-19 hit Australia, presented a unique challenge, but it has also been the ultimate showcase of Bernadette’s abilities, with a philosophy that puts both staff and customers first and foremost at all times. Havingmet the CEO and peers once in person, she then had to build relationships online. It’s a testament to her skill that she was able to build a collaborative atmosphere that highlighted strengths across the board. Finding effective leadership in an ever changing world is a challenge that many businesses are struggling to overcome. In the healthcare sector, this is especially true with lives being on the line. No one knows this better than Bernadette Gotch, and so we dig a little deeper into what precisely has led her towards success in CEO Monthly’s C-Suite Awards 2022 The operations team is one which has been an essential part of Bernadette’s success at KinCare, characteristics of which have been carefully crafted, applying years of experience both in management and as a medical professional. Her approach has always championed the talents of other people; finding ways in which teams can thrive. Trust in the team being essential. Having risen to run a hospital by the age of 27, Bernadette’s early 30s saw her take on a new level of responsibility as a medical retrieval nurse. This position was much nearer to what she would do in the future, offering a great deal of independence to staff. In this role, Bernadette travelled the world, bringing unwell Australians home. Working so collaboratively with others on an international scale is what inspired her to move into Supply Chain, setting up clinics in remote communities across the less economically developed world. Bernadette’s career has been one of constant personal and professional development, starting with a return to university to specialise in Trauma/Intensive Care after which she studied Psychology and Law. As ever, education has been an essential part of Bernadette’s professional development into the leading Healthcare COO she is today. Previous roles with a multinational medical and security assistance company saw her awarded two scholarships. Both scholarships related to executive education programs that used case management methods giving direct insights into how businesses dealt with complex situations. Bernadette also gained a mentor who provided her with the feedback and guidance needed to excel. These studies are likely to continue guidingmuch of Bernadette’s thinkingmoving forward. Her most recent, through MIT, Sloan School of Management, provided amore versatile understanding of Leadership in an Exponentially Changing World, which was pivotal throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. This challenge has shown the difficulties facing both the healthcare industry, and Australia as a whole. The need to support aging Australians is obvious, despite the complexities of an increasingly elderly population that is living for longer than ever before. The focus of Bernadette’s work, therefore, is on building new solutions from the wealth of expertise that she has gained over the years. Even now, with years in the field behind her, she has enrolled with the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and will undertake a rigorous programwith them in 2023. Her team is always looking at new techniques, focusing on those which will make a real difference to customers. The purpose of KinCare has always been to provide a comprehensive care solution, championing responsibility, caring, and support at all times. There are few people more ideally suited to the task than Bernadette. Business excellence comes naturally to her, and with such an exceptional track record behind her, we cannot wait to see what she does next. Company: KinCare Health Services Pty Ltd Name: Bernadette Gotch Email: Bernadette.Gotch@ kincare.com.au Healthcare COO of the Year 2022 (Australia): Bernadette Gotch & Business Development Excellence Award 2022 KinCare