C-suite Awards 2022

CEO MONTHLY / C-suite Awards 2022 16 Mar22259 Active Wear CISO of the Year 2022: Matthew Dunlop Reputable in its own right for creating state of the art products that are orchestrated to solve problems and drive athletes to be better, Under Armour is leading its field of expertise by creating digital health and fitness apps developed to connect individuals and push performance. Secured by Matthew Dunlop, Active Wear CISO of the Year, Under Armour is successfully launching its vision to inspire performance solutions that people never knew they needed and now, with them existing, cannot live without. Prior to joining the renowned company, Under Armour, Matthew Dunlop collected several years of experience and expertise in various fields supporting the Department of Defense, utilizing these skills to build himand Under Armour into the success that it is today. After spending nearly three decades in the Army and retiring as Colonel, Matthew explains that amajority of that time – with nearly twenty years spent in the cyber security field – has attributed to the success he has had at keeping Under Armour secure. Explaining his role in the Army, Matthew shares, “I was involved in the standup of United States Cyber Command and endedmy Army career as the Director of Applied Research and Development where I was responsible for, among other things, offensive tool development. My leadership experience from the military combined withmy offensive and defensive cyber experience was a natural fit for leading a global cyber security organization.” Now, the goal for Matthew is to continue his initial and overall motivation – to bring cybersecurity to the forefront of everyone’s mind – specifically at Under Armour. Thus, Matthew drives his team across other business sections to think about security as part of project planning. “Security by design is muchmore secure and efficient than bolting on security post-deployment,” explains Matthew. Matthew has developed an ongoing strategy to be a security evangelist for the organization to ensure that operating securely is at the forefront of the business. Matthew expands on this point, stating, “I want cybersecurity to be part of everyone’s daily process. Security is and will continue to be a top risk for companies. Therefore, every employee’s responsibility is to consider cybersecurity in everything they do.” Thus, Matthew and his teamat Under Armour have established a set of beliefs and values that connect everyone from the top of the company and reach across to its customer base – from its brand to athletes, teammates, customers, and staff. At Under Armour, it isn’t about labels – it is about the actions and the behaviours eachmember embodies to deliver its mission and purpose. These values are as stated: Love Athletes, Celebrate the Wins, Stand For Equality, Act Sustainably, and Fight On Together. Concerning Matthew’s role at the company, he is responsible for global security across all of Under Armour’s corporate, retail, and eCommerce functions as well as its connected fitness application, MapMyFitness. In addition to this, Matthew is the lead of Global Infrastructure, which includes compute and storage systems/data centres, client systems, end-user technologies, and service desks globally. However, because of his decades’ worth of experience in this sector, Matthew has noticed several challenges in the industry, explaining, “The cybersecurity industry is always struggling to keep up with the volume and evolution of attacks. The risk grew exponentially with the global pandemic and the majority of the workforce going remote. In particular, the explosion of ransomware attacks has shined a spotlight on the importance of recovery versus focusing on defence. As a result, companies have started to realize that it is not amatter of whether a company will fall victim to a cyber-attack. To that end, companies must have a good recovery strategy.” Now, for Matthew and Under Armour, with these trending challenges rising throughout the industry, it is of the utmost priority for the business to improve security awareness. Matthew has always been and continues to be a firm believer that technology education needs to be a part of everyone’s educational journey. “Most children in developed countries work with technology before the age of 5, yet we do nothing to teach children to use this technology safely. I see technology education as just as important as reading, math, or history, yet it is not part of most schools’ core curriculum. How can we prepare a technology-savvy workforce when employees receive no preparation in operating the technology they will be asked to use?” explains Matthew. With this posing thought, Matthew has used this question tomotivate himself and the company to improve awareness of cybersecurity and subsequently launched several initiatives ranging fromonline training, team engagements, recognition for good security practices, lunch and learns, to name a few. While his knowledge and drive are irreplaceable, Matthew accredits much of his success to his team, enthusing, “The security team I have supportingme is committed to protecting the brand and are experts in their respective fields. As such, I feel like one of my most important responsibilities is to take care of my team.” With his teambacking himup 100% of the way, Matthew and Under Armour are ready to take on the universal threat of cybersecurity one innovation at a time. Company Name: Under Armour Contact Name: Matthew Dunlop Web Address: www.underarmour.com Contact Email: matthew. dunlop@underarmour.com 5 3