C-suite Awards 2022

CEO MONTHLY / C-suite Awards 2022 17 Mar22144 ImmoSky AG, a company that has dedicated itself to setting new standards in estate agency, operates in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and France. With such a cross-border presence in central Europe, it has been able to develop exemplary processes that can fit to the different needs and requirements of each of thesemarkets, resulting in a bespoke and personable service that clients in each of these countries have grown to appreciate. Moreover, in such a demandingmarket, it has gained renown in showing its expertise for adapting to the challenges thrown its way. In essence, by working in a way that prioritises quality above all else, it adds value to its work in the real estatemarket by way of exemplary customer service, outstandingmarket knowledge, and the reliable sale and purchase of houses, apartments, and commercial Being the winner of both the ‘Digital Transformation Excellence Award’ for 2022 and the above award for Emerging CTO, ImmoSky has managed to achieve new heights of success in real estate since the company’s inception. Led by expert minds in both the eponymous CTO – Marco De Santis – and CEO Francesco Nucera, these visionary, supportive leaders have committed themselves fully to digital transformation in order to keep the company at the top of its game in an increasingly remote world. properties. The result of this has been the addition of value in a long-termsense, too, with CTOMarco De Santis leading from the front tomake all this possible. Critically, Marco’s commitment to his leadership role has been emboldened by the education he received at ETH Zurich, completing a master’s degree in computer science and graduating with flying colours from this top ten international university. From there, he moved to project management, gaining an understanding of online business – fromb2c self service portals and b2b interfaces to web analytics, email marketing, andmore – before he shifted his focus fromweb agency to telco. Offered the CTO position at ImmoSky in 2019 for the display of incredible work he has managed across a great many industry verticals, he began to create the incredible IT team that the company enjoys today, one that covers support, maintenance, and tool development. He got to work quickly by replacing legacy systems with quicker, more cost effective, and user intuitive solutions, Marco’s guiding hand aided ImmoSky in cutting the fat from its internal processes, embracing a Kaizen notion of striving for continuous improvement and thus ensuring the business can remain at the forefront of progress. Fundamentally, the team’s goal is to tackle a challenge in a small, focused manner, taking a solution frommapping to prototyping and implementation within a week, making for an intense, enlightening experience that leaves the invigorated and ready for the next challenge. Thus, being part of such a hugely changeable sector with such potential for future progress, Marco hopes to take ImmoSky further to even greater heights. With a diligent, capable, and responsible team, and the implementation of a new, customized CRM system, it looks forward to boosted capabilities, customer benefit, and new project acquisition; moreover, Marco looks forward to continuing working with ImmoSky’s CEO – Francesco Nucera – in order to take both company and industry into the future. Company: ImmoSky AG Contact: Marco De Santis Website: immosky.com Emerging CTO of the Year 2022 (Central Europe): Marco De Santis