C-suite Awards 2022

CEO MONTHLY / C-suite Awards 2022 18 Software QA&Development COO of theYear 2022: Praachi Abrol With the vision of building an organization on the pillars of gender diversity and inclusion, Praachi Abrol has come a great way with 9Yards IT Technology. Awarded with Software QA & Development COO of the year 2022, Praachi is all set to take her new endeavor to unimaginable heights. In conversation with Praachi, we discovered more about her and her vision and goals. Entrepreneurs are now changing the business landscape worldwide and guiding their companies to massive success. Praachi Abrol is one such striking personality who is determined to bring changes to the industry of IT services with her new establishment, 9Yards IT Technology. Designated as the COO, Praachi Abrol is a mother to a 5-year-old son and has been upkeeping her personal and professional life. Since the start of her career, she has made valuable contributions to the IT industry as a Quality Assurance Professional and now has taken it to another level. Praachi brings over fifteen years of experience in QA and operations to the table when she takes on a project. Her previous work was at leading MNCs, and those experiences have molded her into a steadfast leader. Heading up IT workflows on both micro and macro levels, she has come up as a boon to the teamwith her exceptional and effectual modus operandi. She strongly believes that gender diversity and inclusion are two things that can revolutionize the business world. On asked her about 9Yards IT Technology, she mentioned, “My goal for 9Yards IT Technology is to come up as the coolest organization rendering end-to-end IT services. And not just an IT service company, my ultimate aspiration is to bring into shape the biggest product company that will change the face of the IT industry.” On asking about the methodology of 9Yards IT Technology, she replied, “Understanding the need for a personal touch while handling any project, 9Yards IT Technology focuses on comprehending the soul of the projects and then exploring new ways of working that are progressively agile in their approach. We deliver state-of-the-art platforms with a cutting-edge tech stack and experienced human resources.” She added, “Focusing on the latest technology; the team is always looking forward to the advanced market trends.” Praachi explains, “It’s not just the market that needs special attention. Traditional IT solutions companies are notorious for their arrogance when providing services. Their grievance redressal mechanism is not up to the mark, and therefore, customer satisfaction is at an all-time low.” She stated that the need to satisfy customers’ needs is of utmost importance to her. “We look to forge not only long-lasting but also meaningful relationships with our clients,” she says. With such a forward-thinking approach at the core of the business, it’s clear that 9Yards IT Technology has a bright future ahead of it. “We aspire to empower business setups with digital transformation by incorporating ingenious IT solutions,” we are told. Praachi’s ambitions don’t stop there, either. When asked about her goals for the 9Yards IT Technology, she said, “As COO of 9Yards IT Technology, I want to propel the company to unimaginable heights. There are tons of opportunities that I intend to grab and make the most of it. Our mission is to empower start-ups, SMEs, and IT giants by deploying ingenious solutions and automating workflows.” We are glad to know that the future of the IT industry is led by such progressive and diligent pioneers as Praachi. Her determination and line of thought set her apart from the crowd as she moves forward to bring a change in the prevailed business customs. We wish her the best for her upcoming venture and hope to see what her transformative efforts will bring to the IT industry. Company: 9Yards IT Technology Pvt. Ltd. Name: Praachi Abrol Email: praachi 9yardstechnology. com Web Address: 9yardstechnology.com