C-suite Awards 2022

CEO MONTHLY / C-suite Awards 2022 19 Apr22141 Fabien Sanchez is comparatively new to Home Credit Vietnam. But this doesn’t mean he doesn’t have rich experience. Working in roles with BNP Paris Bas and Caixa Bank across many geographical locations, Fabien has altered the way Home Credit Vietnamoperates with his concrete skillset and passionate nature. Originally founded in 1997, Home Credit Group is an international consumer finance provider with operations in nine countries in Europe, Asia, and America. Fabien tells us, “Home Credit Vietnamwas established in 2008 and has quickly become one of the leading companies in the consumer financial field with three outstanding benefits for customers: fast, convenient, and friendly.” By being all of these things, Home Credit Vietnamacts as a buttress for customers in a way that truly strengthens them. CROs (Chief Risk Officers) are in ever-evolving positions and, as rules and regulations change, it is of utmost importance that they develop alongside them. This is so that they may guide the business to further achievements and offer customers the best experience on the market. Here we talk to fresh, innovative, and relatively new addition to the team at Home Credit Vietnam, Fabien Sanchez, as he wins this prestigious accolade. Fabien shares, “Home Credit constantly develops diversified products which satisfy customer’s expectations – including low-interest loans or 0% interest rate, flexible tenors, and lowmonthly payments.” These financial options give customers peace of mind and the care they need to feel safe and understood. After its many years in operation, Fabien says, “Home Credit has built the network of 9,000 retail outlets in 63 cities and provinces nationwide.” It is this kind of reach that truly demonstrates Home Credit’s success and stellar work. With experience working in risk management in Paris, Fabien set off on his journey towards where he is today. Beginning as a Risk Analyst at a consumer finance firm, Fabien was able to gain abundant experience in the world of risk management in business. He moved around in different locations and positions, gathering information and valuable experience along the way – having worked in a plethora of positions for a variety of businesses, Fabien has broadened his skillset enormously. As an asset to any team, Fabien transfers his skills into any position or role so that he may benefit both the business and the customer. Operating on three core values: customers, partners, and talents, Fabien further comments on the way the business operates, “In our business we give the opportunity to our consumers to achieve their goals or wishes earlier or without impacting too heavily their financial situation. Like many other industries we are in a deep transformation of our business model moving fromoffline to online. We encounter new competitors with business models profoundly different fromours creating interesting opportunities tomeet our customer needs but being alsomore challenging froma profitability perspective.” With determination and deep grooves of wisdom, Fabien and Home Credit Vietnam is able to take past experiences and influences and make a huge difference to the financial industry. Humbled by his life events Fabien says, “I want to take the opportunity to send my gratitude to everyone who has supported me.” It is this sort of respect and admiration for others that can make such a difference to the way businesses operate – it is clear that Fabien has a connection with the people he works with, and his success has been built on a lot of learning, regard, and trust. His “big appetite” for success in business has guaranteed a positive pathway towards his dreams – and Fabien has achieved somuch. He adds, “My career has always been around risk management,” and he is now focused on challenging his own business vision to elevate his goals towards holding a global leadership position as a CEO or, as he has been before, a Managing Director. As his aspirations frequently grow, he feels as though he must move with the times – based on industry trends, business and customer habits, and the avoidance of stagnant processes. Always looking for ways to innovate, transform, and support businesses and their customers, Fabien enthuses, “One more aspiration is about customer retention/loyalty, fast growing economies are mostly enjoying easier customer acquisition results and companies tend thus to forget about customer relationship. We do work on Home Credit Vietnamon both sides and try to develop best in class services to retain our customers.” With online and offline projects in the pipeline, Fabien and Home Credit Vietnam is continuing to renovate and invent new ideas for the financial industry. It comes as no surprise that Fabien has now won Most Trusted Financial Services CRO (South East Asia) – longmay his success continue. Contact: Fabien Sanchez Company: Home Credit Vietnam Web Address: www.homecredit.vn/en Most Trusted Financial Services CRO (South East Asia): Fabien Sanchez