C-suite Awards 2022

CEO MONTHLY / C-suite Awards 2022 6 Most Innovative eCommerce CSO 2022: Saheb Sabharwal With an exemplary attitude towards growth, development, and corporate betterment, Cart.com has made itself an e-commerce linchpin in the growing international market. Aiding the changing landscape of digital sales – work that has become especially critical in the face of the pandemic – its team have been striving to shape contemporary e-commerce for the better, supporting its clients, staff, and stakeholders every step of the way. Due to mergers and acquisitions having become such a big part of this climb to the top, CSO Saheb Sabharwal has been a critical part of making this possible. he innovator behind one of the fastest growing ecommerce platforms globally Cart.com allows businesses to rapidly and efficiently scale their online sales, with critical solutions offered all in one place. Nominally, allowing clients to build up trust in its efforts through avenues such as a free software trial before they commit, it allows them to get an in-depth look into its expertise and diligence, with Cart.com showing the world how the democratizing of e-commerce can give brands the same complete digital compatibility as international industry titans. Being the first end-toend ecommerce solution provider, it delivers a fully integrated and seamless experience to its clients. This includes software, services, and infrastructure to help merchants thrive as an online business in a world where one’s digital footprint is more critical to success than ever, and in many cases aiding them to augment their brickand-mortar commerce by securing their online niche. Founded by e-commerce veterans, its leading minds know the struggles that its clients often face when undergoing this process, and consequently Cart.com works hard to mitigate all difficulties and to guide them through the thicket with an expert hand and shrewd eye. Today, Cart.com’s business management solutions include online store software, digital marketing, inventory storage and fulfilment, financial services, customer service capabilities, and unified, multi-platform analytics. Thus, Cart.com enables its customers to get a comprehensive and holistic view of their business’s health across all online platforms upon which they have a presence. By operating in this manner, it has been able to make itself an indispensable partner to clients of all scales and sectors, granting them access to the same digital and physical capabilities as the world’s largest e-commerce specialists. Having raised over $380million in the first 12 months of its fundraising efforts, the Cart.com story is just beginning, emboldened by the exemplary leadership that has built this business up froma healthy foundation of empathy, tenacity, and innovation. As the Chief Strategy Officer of Cart.com, our award winner today, Saheb Sabharwal, has continued to be an invaluable element of the founding leadership team since the launch of the business in Q4 2020. Critically, this co-founder and front-runner leads Cart.com’s Strategy & Operations office, an element of the business that comprises of three separate functions. Firstly, it leads Cart.com’s roadmap and execution around mergers and acquisitions. Secondly, it handles the integration of the operations that the acquired companies have already developed, merging these processes with its own in order to create a result that betters the operations of both teams. And, finally, thirdly; it oversees the strategy and business operations of Cart.com in a broader sense – across all technology and service offerings – in order to ensure that various parts of the business are continually analysed and optimized for the benefit of all stakeholders involved. Mergers and acquisitions have proved a major boon to the Company in the time it has been in operation, and so Saheb Sabharwal and his staff have been incredibly busy, ready at any given moment to rise to the challenges put before them. With five major acquisitions completed over the past 12 months alone, Saheb was tasked to determine which companies to acquire, which capabilities within these companies made them so appealing, the sequence of those acquisitions, and how much money would be funnelled into each opportunity. This, of course, is a position of huge trust, requiring Saheb to oversee deals that amount to several millions worth in value and include a myriad of complex decisions, negotiations, and discussions. Prior to this role, Saheb gained expertise in handling complex roles like this by building up Cart.com’s internal processes. Nominally, his expertise was used in the hyper-scaling of the Company’s fulfilment-asa-service protocols from scratch, which formed the foundation of its now fully operational Supply Chain Network Design; most notably, launching 6 new fulfilment centres across the United States, which were up and running within 8 weeks, and the determination of what software and hardware would be of use at these centres to receive, store, package and ship out customers’ inventory. Mar22547 T