C-suite Awards 2022

CEO MONTHLY / C-suite Awards 2022 7 This start-up effort involved coordination across different time zones with over 100 stakeholders – lawyers, landlords, utilities, government entities, vendors, trucks, personnel – and their individual wants, needs, and requirements. It is evident that this was a complex operational feat to achieve in a highly compressed timeline, but it was one that Saheb handled with sophistication and efficacy with the goal to make Cart.com an incredible business. Therefore, when it comes to discussions of what about his time as CSO has earned him this award, it is fair to say that every task he has undertaken at Cart.com has been proof of what entitles him to this accreditation. Today, as a result of both organic growth efforts and acquisitions, Cart.com’s fulfilment network benefits from an exemplary, standardised, and streamlined number of internal processes that ensure each fulfilment centre has the people, systems, and technology in place to effectively handle the receiving and shipping of products from all around the world. Saheb has also held P&L responsibility for one of Cart.com’s owned brands, one which doubled in revenue in 2021. Therefore, with every working day that goes by, Saheb has shown his dedication to the success of Cart.com and to everything it stands for. Since the very beginning, the Company has implemented the following values into every aspect of its business model: an obsession with brands (Cart.com’s customers), thinking beyond the box, tenacity, transparent culture, cooperation, and empathy. Always striving to be a better version of himself, Saheb uses the inspiration that his parents lit in him as fuel to continue his own personal career growth. This, of course, only helps Cart.com in the macro scale, as he sees the Company’s success as his own success, excited to be able to chase the ‘American dream’ and apply all he has learned from his personal life and varied experiences ranging from academia to corporate and entrepreneurial positions. Additionally, he has worked in plenty of mentoring, coaching, and teaching roles, finding these immensely rewarding and taking lessons from them in how to empathise with the different