C-suite Awards 2022

CEO MONTHLY / C-suite Awards 2022 8 needs of different learners. Today, he applies this same sensitivity to drawing out the different needs of different clients, always keeping an open mind to the changing wants and needs of his market segment in order to deliver the services and solutions that will help them thrive in a world that is constantly in flux. Strong leaders, according to Saheb, must always be willing to take calculated risks. Both elements are incredibly important to making business decisions that will take a company into the future, as it is this attitude that secured him recognition as one of the movers and shakers on Forbes’ 30 under 30 list a few years ago. Having learned that he truly enjoys partnering with the best managerial teams and applying his passion for strong working cultures, continued mentorship, and business operations, Saheb can’t wait to see where he and the leadership team can take Cart.com and its clients in the future. After all, if a client can expect anything from this Company, they can expect to encounter people who have learned well from Saheb and other fellow leaders in terms of their commitment to the future. Moreover, onlookers can trust that Saheb is a proven professional who has handled the Strategy & Operations for Cart.com to great effect, benefitting each stakeholder in the process in order to make the international corporate landscape all the better. This notion is exemplified with each acquisition, where Cart.com realises that it is essentially embracing a whole new culture into itself. This means that the team has had to develop processes that allow it to embrace these things with efficacy, not stomping out the individuality that the acquired companies have developed whilst also not compromising on the standardized, streamlined processes that have made Cart.com the expert company it is. Therefore, Saheb sees acquisitions and the subsequent mergers as a complex puzzle; each piece must find its corresponding piece in order to make a bigger picture that allows for mutual success. Looking back at the past 12 months, after executing on the plan built in collaboration with the various departments at Cart.com, the company can proudly say that the acquisitions have created tremendous value, and that the team has given the wider company an exemplary chance to grow its efforts. Crucially, as a direct result, Cart.com’s clients have benefitted from an end-toend offering, and the flywheel has been able to continue turning at a rapid pace. The Strategy & Operations team operates with tremendous structure and transparency, and grants all stakeholders a comprehensive understanding of what makes its processes work; nominally, the team will take everyone involved through the steps of its mergers and acquisitions processes in as much detail as they require to be able to give them piece of mind, showing them how none of it is left to chance. So how does the team collaborate with the broader organization to determine which capabilities to develop or acquire? To design the strategic roadmap, Saheb pushes his team to build a “mosaic” by drawing insights from hundreds of places and people, putting value on each interaction, and following a ‘no stone unturned’ principle in order to build its cases. Thusly, his team has developed unique and highly data-driven ways of working from this detail-oriented approach, pushing hard to ensure Cart.com can enable brands to sell more in more places across the internet and expand their client base, all the while remaining critical about its own strengths and weaknesses. This attitude allows it to take on the criticisms and comments of all stakeholders with grace and sophistication, using this feedback to improve on a continuous basis. Therefore, Cart.com makes itself a darling of its industry, and a heavily competitive element of its market segment, as it can always keep up with what the professionals within it need. Currently in the midst of responding to the recent influx of new e-commerce businesses due to Covid-19 shutting down many brick and mortar stores – either temporarily or for good – it has been busier than ever with helping its professionals attain growth across all market channels. The world is also seeing a Direct-toConsumer revolution like never before, as evidenced by the rise of brands such as Warby Parker, Dollar Shave Club, and more, with a record number of these businesses selling through online channels and other digital marketing strategies. With an unprecedented growth for e-commerce that is showing no signs of slowing, Cart.com aims to simplify what it takes for brands to simultaneously grow while navigating an ever-changing landscape. It is aware that for some people, lack of technological knowhow could be a roadblock to getting into e-commerce, and it wishes to help these professionals adapt so that their exemplary products aren’t lost as a result. Brands of today need to be multichannel, i.e., sell on as many sales channels as possible; there’s no other way around it. But these brands don’t need to panic. Indeed, they can simply put this work in Cart.com’s expert hands and refocus their concentration on the business goals that truly matter to them, letting Cart.com do what it does best in order to manage their online digital footprint in a way that combines complex decision-making such as inventory synching and unified pricing strategies. Saheb would like to extend his heartfelt thanks to his entire family who have always shown their unwavering support for all his entrepreneurial endeavours. In addition, a huge shout-out goes out to the mentors who have helped him and the rest of Cart.com learn to execute with such efficiency, as well as the investors and Cart.com Board members who truly believe in the vision. He is also extremely appreciative of his entire Senior Leadership Team who are much more deserving of accolades, and their respective teams who continue to go the extra mile to effectively crosscollaborate with Saheb’s team. He would also like to extend a special thanks to his own staff, who he