C-suite Awards 2022

CEO MONTHLY / C-suite Awards 2022 9 attributes this award to as a reflection of their hard work; he feels fortunate to have them alongside him every day and remains fully committed to their success. Having built a team that is consistently learning and growing, Saheb blocks off time every other week to have one-on-ones with members of his team and get an idea of how they are doing on an inter-personal level. Critically, this ensures that he can keep a beat on where his staff stand in both personal and professional growth, and that he can find ways to help them achieve their goals in an informal, friendly, and empathic environment where they feel secure and supported. This human-centric style of management, the team’s comprehensive approach to its work, and the Company’s dedication to rising to all challenges, has benefitted it hugely. The hyper-growth Cart.com has experienced since its inception 18 months ago, scaling past $3 billion in gross merchandise volume has meant it has been able to grow from a handful of employees to over 1,400 all over the world, keeping its processes and procedures aligned in the same direction so that everyone is on the same page. In addition, in order to create an environment of extreme transparency, the Company uses more tactical approaches such as an all-hands Zoom meeting every other week to talk about key business updates and ensure that everyone is kept informed, while concurrently relying on solutions such as Slack for inter-team and companywide communication. Saheb’s micro-strategies, detailed worksheets, timelines, and deliverables have kept him at the fore of all of this as he continues to foster personal and professional development within his team. Nominally, both to Saheb and Cart.com in the macro scale, there is a shared belief that ‘we are in this together and we will win together’, making its mission of enabling convenient e-commerce one that each employee can take personal pride in, with one of the recent successes the Company celebrated being its expansion into Europe. As it moves further into 2022, Cart.com will continue to push the successful scaling of its business as a priority, strategically adding new capabilities to its ever-growing platform and building the modern e-commerce stage into the best landscape it can be. Company: Cart.com Contact: Saheb Sabharwal Website: Cart.com