CEO of the Year Awards 2023

SME News- CEO of the Year Awards 2023 | 10 Security & FM Services CEO of the Year - London Established in 2014, Circle UK Group is a dynamic organisation that delivers innovative solutions in the Energy, Facilities Management, and Security sectors. Its comprehensive range of services is continuously evolving to meet the shifting needs of clients and the market. Circle UK Group is dedicated to operational excellence, fostering strong client relationships, and exploring new opportunities for expansion. Led by CEO Kyri Anastasi, the company strives to exceed expectations by providing high-quality services while maintaining an ethical and transparent ethos. Mr. Anastasi’s strategic direction never ceases to empower his team and for his collaborative leadership, we have bestowed on Kyri Anastasi our award for Security & FM Services CEO of the Year – London. It is Circle UK Group’s overarching mission is to become a leading force in its industry with pioneering solutions that drive positive change. Its extensive portfolio includes emergency repairs, equipment servicing, inhouse training, manned guarding, security systems, and much more. The innovative company is committed to creating value for clients, fostering a collaborative culture, and making a positive impact on communities. Circle UK Group is passionate about empowering its own people with the tools and knowledge they require to deliver services safely and efficiently. Core values of collaboration, customer-centricity, and integrity are deeply embedded in the company’s culture and operations, guiding its decisionmaking processes. Although the company has remained steadfast in its core values, Circle UK Group understands the importance of adaptability. In an everchanging business landscape, the team continually reexamines its strategies to stay ahead of industry developments and achieve sustainable results. Circle UK Group attributes its success to the collective efforts of its expert team, nurturing strong client relationships, and a commitment to the pursuit of excellence. Circle UK Group serves a wide range of clients including asset management companies, logistics companies, corporate buildings, and social housing. In a highly competitive market, the company prides itself on remaining at the forefront of technological innovation. By staying ahead of industry developments, Circle UK Group offers quality solutions that address the evolving needs of its clients. Its commitment to research and development ensures that its services continue to exceed clients’ expectations. With a client-centric approach, the team prioritises understanding clients’ individual challenges and goals in order to tailor its services to their unique requirements. This approach fosters long-lasting relationships and has positioned the company as a trustworthy partner in clients' success. For over 15 years, Kyri Anastasi has worked as a company director and CFO across various organisations. His role has involved developing pioneering solutions and key strategies, utilising his expertise and industry experience to transform businesses into market leaders. As CEO of Circle UK Group, Mr. Anastasi provides strategic direction, invests in the team’s professional development, and fosters a culture of innovation. He ensures the success and growth of the company by working closely with the team to achieve operational excellence. On his leadership, Mr. Anastasi says, “At the core of my approach is adaptability, collaboration, and a commitment to fostering innovation and growth. In the early stages of my career, my leadership style was more directive, focusing on clear instructions and structured processes. However, as the business landscape evolved and our company faced diverse challenges, I recognised the need for a more flexible and inclusive approach. Today, I would describe my leadership style as transformational and collaborative. I believe in empowering our team members to contribute their unique skills and perspectives. Open communication channels and a flat organisational structure encourage collaboration, enabling us to harness the full potential of our diverse talents. One critical aspect of my leadership philosophy is a commitment to ongoing learning. I actively seek feedback from team members and clients and stay abreast of industry trends and leadership best practices. This commitment to continuous improvement ensures that my leadership style remains relevant and effective in an ever-changing business landscape.” In its dynamic industry, Circle UK Group aims to remain adaptable and agile. As a responsive organisation, the company can quickly adapt to market changes and new opportunities. Its flexible organisational structure allows the business to strategically modify its solutions, allowing clients to take advantage of current industry demands. Circle UK Group also recognises the importance of its social and environmental responsibilities. By integrating ethical business practices, environmental impact, and community engagement into its operations, the business fulfils its commitment to clients and builds trust with its stakeholders. Circle UK Group has faced several challenges including cybersecurity threats, environmental sustainability, and market saturation. By turning these challenges into growth opportunities, the company embraces uncertainty and continues to evolve. As technology has become more embedded in its operations, the risk of cybersecurity threats naturally increases. Circle UK Group is dedicated to embracing new technologies while protecting sensitive data and ensuring the integrity of its systems. To stay distinctive in a saturated market, the company focuses on innovation and nurturing strong client relationships. Under Mr. Anastasi’s strategic direction, Circle UK Group continues to identify new markets that can benefit from its quality services. Strategic diversification allows the business to mitigate risks, enhance resilience, and create a competitive advantage. In the coming year, Circle UK Group plans to expand with new service lines and wider geographic coverage across the UK. By extending its reach, the company can cater to a larger client base and penetrate new markets. Mr. Kyri Anastasi’s own future trajectory will involve starting his own executive company to deliver strategic, financial, and compliance support to businesses across various industries. The future of Circle UK Group looks bright as the company provides its innovative solutions to support the growth and development of businesses in the Energy, Facilities Management, and Security sectors. Through its client-centric approach and commitment to technological innovation, Circle UK Group aims to inspire positive change and become a leading force in the industry. Under Mr. Anastasi’s transformational leadership, the business will continue to foster a thriving culture where the team’s hard-working efforts drive ongoing success. For his collaborative management, Kyri Anastasi has received our award for this year’s Security & FM Services CEO of the Year – London. Contact: Kyri Anastasi Company: Circle UK Group Ltd Web Address: