CEO of the Year Awards 2023

SME News- CEO of the Year Awards 2023 | 4 Medico-Legal & Digital Solutions CEO of the Year – UK (Dr. Joealen Benson) Founder, CEO, and awardee Dr. Joealen Benson established The Medical League last year, positioning it as the next stage in the evolution of its predecessor, The Doctors League. In just a few short months, The Medical League has already distinguished itself as one of the most inclusive, trusted, and celebrated providers of medico-legal and digital solutions for healthcare professionals globally. This newfound The Medical League banner, represents a holistic extension of the services provided by The Doctors League, with its expertise and commitment afforded to everyone operating within the healthcare industry - from nurses, physios, pharmacists, physician associates and more, taking it beyond just doctors - making sure that all individuals are provided with an equal level of protection, representation, and empowerment in an industry where it can be incredibly tough for a person to get their voice heard. To better understand The Medical League, one has to go back to 2019 when its journey began, albeit in a slightly different form, with one singular focus. Doctors. Thus, The Doctors League was founded atop of an unbridled passion for tackling industry challenges head on, managing the medico-legal and licensing needs of medical doctors. An immediate success, the company effectively filled a pressing gap in the market, excelling at providing the necessary support and representation that was previously missing from the industry. With such successes to boot, the business’ impact grew, and it was not long before this team began to notice other challenges that were plaguing the wider sector, and not just doctors. Upon such a revelation, the team set about adapting and expanding to offer what is today an all-encompassing approach under the title of a separate and yet interconnected entity, The Medical League. A company that strives to simultaneously serve as one of the planet’s premier authorities on medico-legal services and solutions while also embodying an unwavering commitment to the elements of appraisal, revalidation, and online learning. Aims of this endeavour include nurturing healthcare professionals and making sure that they feel represented, protected, and empowered on a daily basis. Central to this goal is the remarkable ambition to attempt to reach every healthcare professional, regardless of position or location. At the heart of this noble approach is the desire to act as a beacon of support, measurably assisting in any and all areas of medico-legal, licensing, education, and compliance, elements that combine to make The Medical League an industry leader in the field of inclusivity. Integral in fostering this method, CEO Dr. Joealen Benson has been at the helm of The Medical League since day one and having worked as The Doctors League’s Medical Director from conception until passing the baton to Dr Daniela Herescu last year. His experience in this field is vast and unrivalled. Aside from his respective duties with both The Medical League and The Doctors League, Joe is also an emergency medicine consultant for the NHS, a position he has filled now for more than eight years. With the team at the AGM Conference.