Energy & Power Awards 2019

12 | SME NEWS - 2019 Energy & Power Awards RAM Safety Solutions UK Ltd provides specialist technical solutions when working in a confined space, working at a great height or around water. Recently we caught up with Managing Director, Mike Lowry who revealed the secrets behind the UK’s best technical solutions provider’s success. Since their inception, RAM Safety Solutions UK has grown rapidly throughout the years, and have established themselves as being one of the UK’s leaders in technical rescue and consultancy. Supporting a wide range of businesses, the firm provides a vast range of services which includes confined space rescue, surveying and cleansing. In addition to this, RAM Safety Solutions UK also offers clients drainage services including cleansing, blockage removal, 24 hour call out and investigation to name but a few. Central to the firm’s success, is providing each client with the same exceptional standard of service and support. As such, RAM Safety Solutions UK’s dynamic team consistently strive towards completing each project they undertake on time, within budget and most of all, to the highest possible standard. Each team member is highly experienced and well-equipped to ensure that they are able to offer valued clients the support and services they need to progress, as Mike begins to explain. “Here at RAM Safety Solutions UK, we have employed a fantastic, well-trained and experienced team who we invest in, who feel as though they are a part of the company and who strive to complete every project to the best of their ability.” Operating primarily within the waste water sector, RAM Safety Solutions UK works hard to remain ahead of any industry developments which occur. As a result, this enables the award- winning company to ensure that the solutions they provide are always at the cutting-edge of both technological and industry changes. Today, the firm is attracting a vast range of new clients, from a variety of industries, due to its incredible reputation for excellence. When discussing the firm’s accomplishments over the years, Mike is keen to highlight the significant role the team plays in the company’s overall success and how they ensure they stand out amongst competitors within their respected industry. “As a whole, we are unique due to all of our teams being highly experienced and well trained. We invest in them to expand their skill set, providing them HGV qualifications and more. Additionally, we also get our team involved with different aspects of the company from CCTV and jetting all the way through to the rescue – making every week for them different.” Fundamentally, RAM Safety Solutions UK was established to succeed where other contractors had previously failed. As such, the firm constantly demonstrate this by completing problem projects for some of their clients which who have been on their work banks for up to four years and have now been completed. Bringing the interview to a close, Mike signs off by revealing what the future holds for the firm, touching on the plans to invest in other products to help further expand their service offerings. “Looking ahead, we will continue to attract the right people in the industry who want to be a part of team RAM Safety Solutions UK and help us continue to grow the business going forward. Best Technical Rescue Solutions Provider - UK “Recently, we have invested in another mainline CCTV unit and another recycler unit that, unlike a lot of jetting units within the industry, can recycle the water in the waste tank which reduces our carbon footprint on travelling around looking for a water hydrant, as well as the amount of clean water we use. Lastly, it can also reduce the time required to complete a project, which is a cost saving factor for our customers.” Ultimately, the team at RAM Safety Solutions UK will continue to strive on maintaining the reputation that they have developed over the years, by investing in their team to further support the growth of the company in the years to come. Contact: Mike Lowry Company: RAM Safety Solutions UK Ltd Address: Unit 21 Gerard’s Park, College Street, St Helens, Merseyside, WA10 1FZ Telephone: 08009997266 Web Address: