Energy & Power Awards 2019

2 | SME NEWS - 2019 Energy & Power Awards 8. GEM Environmental Building Services: Best Independent Gas Infrastructure Provider 2019 10. ChargedEV: Best Nationwide EV Charging Technology Company 12. RAM Safety Solutions UK Ltd: Best Technical Rescue Solutions Provider – UK 13. AT Energy UK: Best Independent Energy Consultancy - South East England 14. Greener Energy Group: Best Residential Energy Saving Products Provider 2019 – Scotland 16. Avidety: Best Electricity Distribution Network Construction Company 2019 17. Lacus Resources Limited: Best Geotechnical Engineering Consultancy – Scotland & Award for Distinction in Clean Energy Project Consulting 2019 18. Best Energy Price Comparison Business 2019: Energylinx 20. The Logical Utilities Company: Best Commercial Business Utilities Company 2019 & Award for Excellence in Carbon Offsetting 2019 22. Low Energy Consultancy Ltd: Best Energy and Sustainability Consultancy Firm 2019 & Award for Distinction in Heritage Energy Consulting 2019 23. Wulfrun Specialised Fasteners Limited: Best CNC Turbine Components Manufacturer 2019 24. Gyrodata Incorporated: Best Wellbore Placement Tech Provider 2019 25. Arlington Energy Limited: Best New Energy Assets Development Company 2019 26. Alfa Power: Best EV Charge Point Operator 2019 27. Solar KW Ltd: Best Solar Panel Installation Company – England 28. Hone-All Precision Ltd: Best Sub-Contract Machining Specialists 2019 30. Savills (UK) Limited: Energy Brokering Specialists of the Year 2019 Welcome to the Energy and Power Awards 2019 Supplying energy to the homes across the UK takes perseverance, tenacity and innovation which is why SME News wants to highlight and celebrate the efforts and endeavours of those companies, large and small, with our Energy & Power Awards 2019. With the need to reduce carbon emissions and discussions of climate change swirling, the dedicated businesses and professionals, operating in the fields of power generation, transport and distribution are facing new challenges at an exponential rate. Therefore, it seems imperative to the organisers of the Energy & Power Awards 2019 that these companies and individuals are not just recognised but rewarded for their hard work in providing cutting edge solutions within the energy sector. Laura Brookes - Senior Editor Email: Website: Contents 4. The Energy Desk: Best Middle Market Energy Procurement Company 2019 & Business Energy Solutions Advisory of the Year