Energy & Power Awards 2019

22 | SME NEWS - 2019 Energy & Power Awards At a time when the world’s focus is squarely on sustainable energy practices and combatting global warming, Low Energy Consultancy are providing guidance, support and compliance services for new developments, existing buildings and businesses. Following their double-win in SME News’ Energy and Power Awards, we turn the light on the firm to discover their secrets to success. A leading specialist within the energy and sustainability industry, LEC are on a mission to make energy and carbon reduction simple and effective. The firm’s in-house assessors hold a range of skills to ensure they are best-placed to provide support for residential, commercial and existing building legislation. As targets change and legislation becomes more onerous, there is increasing pressure on companies to comply despite the danger that compliance is costly and unachievable. However, it need not be. Working as engineers first and sustainability consultants second, LEC always ask themselves basic questions to help any business with energy issues. Considering whether or not the technology in question works for the scheme, questioning whether or not the compliance request is reasonable and whether the end user will benefit, these energy consultants are bringing clarity to the industry to help businesses. For those newly developed properties that want to seem appealing by ensuring they are energy efficient and sustainable, LEC offer a number of services. New developments can benefit from feasibility studies at pre-planning stages, assessments and associated credit support, thermal comfort analysis, energy performance certificates and many more, all designed to help increase sustainability. As for existing buildings and company mandatory legislation, LEC can also offer a myriad of other services designed to ascertain as much data regarding energy consumption as possible. The firm can offer guidance relating to energy efficien- cy and carbon reduction through energy audits, overheating assessments, condition surveys, inspections, certificates and other services all con- ducted by an in-house ESOS Lead Assessor. Communication is key for any business and LEC ensure that they are always on hand with expert technical knowledge and experience to translate hard-to-understand requirements. Clients are given a primary point of contact and the firm work with them throughout the appointment. Staff constantly keep up-to-date with the latest training and changes to legislation, to better help clients and offer accurate advice. The majority of the assessors who work at LEC come from an architectural or mechanical background, meaning that before any advice is imparted they can consider practical implications. Assessors work alongside clients to collectively resolve concerns and overcome any obstacles, taking a proactive approach to problem-solving which is encouraged across the company as a whole. Industries do not come without challenges however and LEC are keenly observing the ongoing effects of Brexit and political turmoil Best Energy and Sustainability Consultancy Firm 2019 & Award for Distinction in Heritage Energy Consulting 2019 Low Energy Consultancy Ltd: across the country. Noticing a hesitation on scheme investment and approval, the company are actively finding ways to cope with what they believe will be a short-term hiatus. To cope with shortcomings in new development work the firm have instead focused on the existing building market for compliance and energy surveys until the market changes once again or settles. Generating strong regional presences across the country, LEC work from their offices in Northampton, Central London, Warrington, Nottingham and Birmingham. Having developed a good knowledge of Local Planning Authority policies and changes of the London Plan, the firm is planning for sensible expansion beyond the Midlands and London. Growing Northern coverage with housing developers, the company are keen to take advantage of their strong skill base of domestic assessors. The continued success of LEC is paramount to ensuring that companies, new housing development projects and existing building legis- lation remain green and energy efficient. With the world’s focus increasingly turned to- wards energy efficiency and sustainable practic- es, companies such as LEC are becoming more and more necessary for all industries. Company: Low Energy Consultancy Ltd Contact: Nicola Scott Website: