Energy & Power Awards 2019

24 | SME NEWS - 2019 Energy & Power Awards With almost four decades of experience pioneering the energy industry, Gyrodata are one of the world’s leading providers of technologies and differentiated services. With approximately a thousand employees in over a hundred countries, discover why this firm is uniquely positioned to provide world-class services on a global platform. Founded in 1980, Gyrodata provides a suite of exceptional products and services that enable clients to maximise hydrocarbon recovery and optimise the lifecycle cost of an asset. Experts in surveying technologies, the firm have established themselves as the gold standard provider of wellbore placement services across the world. Operating as an international service company, Gyrodata provides surveying, drilling and logging solutions to clients across the globe. With a long history of innovation, the firm’s services enable clients to successfully deliver on any projects whilst exceeding goals. Field-proven drilling services utilise the latest proprietary technologies to provide high-performance solutions that are reliable and dependable. Accuracy and precision are key in any wellbore surveying application, in order to effectively mitigate and minimise risk of collisions and provide pinpoint wellbore placement. Gyrodata’s logging services are of the highest standard, enhancing wellbore integrity and operational efficiency, and the Operational Technical Support team are on hand around the clock to assess, augment and monitor projects. In November 2018, Gyrodata officially launched their OmegaX™, a unique system powered by SPEAR™ technology. Standing for speed, precision, efficiency, accuracy, and reliability, SPEAR includes sensors that accurately determine azimuth and inclination at a rapid pace. These OmegaX features make it an exceptional system that results in high-accuracy, high-speed surveys for clients. September 2019 saw the launch of the second product line of the SPEAR family, the Quest™ GWD system, which provides high-accuracy, high-performance surveys in real-time during the drilling processes. This improved accuracy helps operators avoid lease lines, mitigates frac hits and enhances the ability to hit hydrocarbon-rich target zones. Gyrodata’s vision is to build on their extensive experience by continuing to develop ground- breaking technologies that disrupt the current status quo of the energy services industry. The development and refining of revolutionary new survey and drilling tools has driven the company forward since its beginning. Clients are able to push boundaries that were previously unattainable with conventional technologies and services. Technology is at the forefront of everything that Gyrodata are working to achieve, and it is no surprise to learn that a significant portion of their revenue is invested back into research and development of new technologies. All products and services undergo rigorous testing before and after field deployment, with state-of-the-art calibration testing facilities in multiple locations. Serving as one of the industry’s leading providers, Gyrodata understands that its most important asset is its people. Capitalising on an extraordinary team of committed individuals located around the world, the staff define and embrace the company’s vision, values and behaviours to create an exciting and authentic atmosphere to work in. Taking ownership of everything they do, staff are accountable for their action and decisions in attempting to deliver high- quality work and timely results. Generating a culture with high standards of transparency, integrity, honesty, and humility, the atmosphere at Gyrodata is one of trust and confidence. Passionate about the work that they do for clients across the world, each goal is pursued with the drive and energy to achieve success even in the face of challenges, resistance or setbacks. Overall, it is Gyrodata’s continued success and innovation across so many years that has meant they have remained one of the best providers of wellbore placement technology. With a dedicated team of passionate staff and a keen eye trained on the future of technology developments, this firm will continue to offer best-in-class services across the energy sector. Company: Gyrodata Incorporated Contact: Jennifer Cannon Website: Best Wellbore Placement Tech Provider 2019