Energy & Power Awards 2019

26 | SME NEWS - 2019 Energy & Power Awards As the transport market increasingly turns its focus towards alternatives to fossil fuels, electric vehicles are growing in popularity. Alfa Power offers the infrastructure that users and companies need to embrace this bourgeoning trend. We profile the firm and explore how far it has come in just one short year to win one of the 2019 Energy and Power accolades. Initially founded in Leeds, West Yorkshire in 2018 by an ambitious cars lover entrepreneur Firas Alfadhili, Alfa Power has since flourished. At the time, Firas decided to invest in this industry soon after he purchased his EV and fell in love with it. In August of the same year, the company’s first set of EV chargers were up and running. With support of the local MP, Ms Andrea Jenkyns, who has personally launched the ultra-fast charger, Alfa Power started installing some EV chargers in Morley first, then in various places around Yorkshire and the UK. In few months, Alfa Power started installing the fastest EV chargers in the UK (120 kW) as fast as Tesla’s super chargers, but open to all cars, and has been growing ever since. Recently, the company signed contracts with the pub group Liberation (in England and Jersey) and another with the Motor group Chorley to install a new set of chargers. The company was well praised in the House of Commons earlier this year as the fastest growing company of its kind in Yorkshire with a vision of further investment in the clean energy. In his visit to the company’s office, Jake Berry MP, Minister for Notheren Powerhouse said: “It was great to see Alfa Power in the news again this week after their installation of the fastest rapid charger in the UK available to any EV driver, particularly great to see a northern business achieving such an accolade and raising the bar for the industry as a whole.” Months later, the company’s expanded its activities to the Middle East, and started installing the first EV chargers in the Gulf. Firas has experience in the region and is able to offer it the benefit of his industry knowledge to ensure it stays ahead of this exciting new development. Today, Alfa Power is an internationally renowned provider of electric vehicle charging points designed to help this growing industry and drive motorists away from fossil fuelled transport towards more environmentally friendly solutions. With a young and enthusiastic team, the firm is focused on combining its dedication to driving more environmentally friendly transport solutions to market with its commitment to client service. The result is a reliable solution that will meet the needs of a variety of businesses and individuals. Best EV Charge Point Operator 2019 As part of its focus on innovation and offering only the best products possible to its clients, Alfa Power boasts a team that is fully dedicated to researching and finding out what the current and potential EV drivers might need to make their life easier. Increasing the number of the rapid chargers, providing the right facilities along the way and setting a level of standardisation for this industry. The firm believes that these elements are vital to increasing the number of the electric vehicles on the world’s roads whilst at the same time ensuring the safety and comfort of drivers. This is particularly important, as issues within the electric vehicle market are not fully being addressed by existing companies. The online forums of the EV drivers reflect their frustrations from some of the providers as they advertise the charger’s power to something where it is very much less than the actual capacity. For example, the map might say that the nearest EV charger provider XYZ with power output of 50 kW, to then discover that the actual capacity is 30 kW, which means a frustrated public at times when the whole industry needs to build its reputation. By combining the latest technology with a user- focused approach, Alfa Power is able to offer its clients a unique service that will meet their needs even as the EV market grows and develops. Ultimately, as the electric vehicle market is still in its infancy, Alfa Power has an exciting opportunity to set standards in the industry. This will remain the firm’s ongoing focus as it works on a new strategy to widen its chargers’ network around the UK and to enhance it in terms of technology and new related facilities. At around the middle of 2020, EV drivers will experience the difference in the quality with the second phase of Alfa Power Chargers. The firm’s team are excited for the opportunities this new development will offer. Company: Alfa Power Name: Mira Fadel Address: Quarry Court, High Street – Morley, Leeds LS27 0BY, West Yorkshire - UK Telephone Number: 0113335 1757 Web Address: