Energy & Power Awards 2019

28 | SME NEWS - 2019 Energy & Power Awards Hone-All Precision Ltd. offers truly tailored services to meet all manufacturing needs, from sourcing raw materials to producing finish machined components. Fully accredited to perform a veritable wealth of services, discover why this firm have secured enduring success operating across numerous highly discerning industries. Hone-All have specialised in deep hole boring, deep hole drilling, gundrilling, honing and CNC turning up to three meters in length, for the last twenty five years, always offering the highest in quality conformance and customer service within the industry. The firm’s major clients and approvals have come from all manner of clients, including Collins Aerospace, Rolls Royce Nuclear, Bae Air Systems, Babcock and a customer base of more than five thousand. Determined to be the best, not necessarily the biggest, Hone-All are aiming to be the only supplier that comes to mind when a customer is selecting a potential sub-contractor. In order to fulfil this, the firm are constantly analysing their performance, requesting feedback from all stakeholders and continuously implementing improvements and enhancements to their processes, procedures, services and systems across every aspect of the business. Starting at the top and filtering through every member of team, the philosophy at Hone-All is to treat others how they themselves would like to be treated. Primarily this means that every client interaction begins with listening and understanding client needs. It also means discussing those requirements in depth with the customer and suggesting easier, better or more cost-effective ways for them to achieve what they need, when they need it, and in the most efficient manner. Remaining extremely busy within their own sector of the industry, Hone-All have taken great pleasure in assisting a wide variety of companies in the oil and gas, and energy industries. Moreover, the firm take considerable efforts to closely collaborate with clients and outside businesses, resulting in significant growth for all involved. However, the challenge is then balancing that demand against realistic production promises. Despite continuous investment and improvement in capacities, rapid increases in demand can lead to increases in lead times greater than customers are used to. Thanks to Hone-All’s sterling reputation across the industry, clients are willing to wait just a little bit longer for those outstanding results that the firm is known for, safe in the knowledge that the delivery date will be met, and quality will be guaranteed. With every procedure being carried out at the firm’s own facility, Hone-All continuously aim to improve controls over cost, quality and lead times. Working on their procedures in-house, the company can help guarantee the most competi- tive rates and a faster, more efficient service that constantly exceeds customer demands. Within the sub-contracting industry, the biggest trend has been the growth that it has experienced. The other most prevalent trend is the desire for companies to source more from fewer businesses, therefore streamlining the supply chain and placing greater pressure on companies like Hone-All as within the larger businesses, investment decisions are often being held until the Brexit position becomes clearer hence the need to sub-contract more. Thankfully, being a smaller, independently owned business means that Hone-All can respond to demand quickly and invest accordingly when necessary. Looking to the firm’s own future, Hone-All are committed to profitable growth, whilst continuing to provide the highest levels of service, quality, reliability and efficiency in all their products, Best Sub-Contract Machining Specialists 2019 Hone-All Precision Ltd: processes, services and systems. Despite certain factors within the economy being at the mercy of politicians and political scenarios, the company are keen to continue focusing on being the best in the business, providing a service that is second to none to deliver only the best possible results. Overall, Hone-All are working smarter, more efficient and more client-focused than many of their competitors, and that is the reason for their continuing levels of success and industry recognition. Having established strong relationships with their clients, the opportunities will continue to flow for the firm, securing the business irrelevant of what may happen with Brexit and similar challenges they will face in the years to come. Company: Hone-All Precision Ltd. Contact: Andrea Rodney Website: