Energy & Power Awards 2019

31 | SME NEWS - 2019 Energy & Power Awards Educating and supporting developers throughout the installation of gas, water and electric infrastructure, Utility Source is helping to ensure that all new buildings are in the best possible state for usage. Having been declared the best for new build utility connectivity consultancy in 2019’s Energy and Power Awards, SME News profile the firm to reveal their successes. Whether a multiple housing site, single house, industrial building, or commercial site, Rotherham-based Utility Source offers a consultancy service that can help clients with ensuring that each property has the best utilities solution. In an industry that is saturated with regulation and policy, this firm cut through the noise to effectively steer clients through the utility processes from the start of their development to the completion of every aspect. By helping clients budget and plan effectively, Utility Source is a trusted partner with the reputation, resilience, and know-how to ensure any project’s success. Opening clients’ eyes to the possibility that utilities doesn’t have to be a difficult experience, the firm’s strengths lie in their ability to communicate at all levels, delivering a critically informative and smooth experience for all involved in any development process. Operating an open and educational policy, the firm are constantly seeking to share their wealth of knowledge and experience with clients. Despite this sharing of knowledge, Utility Source does not fear becoming dispensable, not seeing any reason to keep information from their clients just to ensure that they have to use their services repeatedly. Instead, the company have achieved repeat business because their educational approach helps to establish a reputation as an effective and trusted partner. Utility Source’s mission is to be different to other utility providers or consultants. In offering education to investors and developers, clients of all kinds are invited to understand the utilities process and achieve a more effective build programme. The firm’s customer service philosophy is to actively seek the clients level of understanding, their expectations, and their pressures, before creating a delivery experience which reflects their unique journey. Every client and development is different, and the firm continue to work hard in developing the correct experience. As there are a number of different types of utility companies, and a great deal of accreditations to be aware of, clients of the energy industry often require a map to navigate the complexities of the system. Utility Source is that map, guiding developers and all manner of clients through the energy industry whilst delivering high-quality utilities for all properties. However, Utility Source is aware of the challenges facing the industry today. Energy is directly impacted by construction, as the two go hand- in-hand when managing build strategies. Often, developers are working on a number of projects, but the latest wave of uncertainty around Brexit has resulted in many concentrating on completing one development before moving on to another project. In what is already an ever-changing and volatile market, constant levels of success for this firm are to be lauded tremendously. In spite of the challenges, the firm remain positive and continue to achieve great things for the industry. The Sheffield City Region is a thriving business community and Utility Source has received business support from the Sheffield Launchpad, more specifically the Rotherham Investment and Development Office (RIDO). This funded initiative has enabled Utility Source to access support, training and mentorship that have helped organise and present the business. On a daily basis the company have cultivated networking opportunities with project developers and investors, establishing a strong presence across the North of England. Overall, Utility Source’s success comes from hard work, dedication and exceptional customer service in their field. Working at the heart of the energy industry, the firm are well-equipped to deliver unmatched levels of clear and easy-to- understand utilities consultancy. Company: Utility Source Limited Contact: Dean Pattison Contact Email: Telephone: 01709 763237 Website: © Emma Hollings Photography - Dean Pattison Best for New Build Utility Connectivity Consultancy 2019